Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


I suppose I should start playing on 3DS now then, and get ready to transfer to Switch.


High Rank Ryu Armor Set is finally here


Yeah we can go through multiplayer together! If you want to that is. I’d like to see if @Nasha842 would go through with us but it seems he isn’t here atm

Also I recommend skipping story until GenU as it doesn’t go to high rank and it can be boring sometimes.


@SledgePainter you wanna join a discord server and set up times?


I do not know how to do such things? Also, I haven’t started MH:G yet heh.


I’m about to fire it up and maybe get past low rank since it’s pretty easy, I’ll at least get to bubble tonight. Also I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you said you don’t know how to do such things.


Well fuck, almost lost to the Hermitar because A. I’m rusty af and B. I was stupid and decided I’d be fine going in without getting back used to the controls. Good job Max you’re officially a noob again lol


I can accept invites to a channel but don"t know how to start one or join one without an invite.


@SledgePainter here’s a link for le discord. Had to make a new one since it seems Nasha isn’t around anymore.


Invite expired sorry…it gave me a poop emoji! lol.


It says you’re in it also the invite has infinite time to click on?


I don’t see it listed on the left-hand panel of groups. I’ll keep trying things…
Ok, I figured it out.


Forgot how much I hated Gypseros, was reminded today! I never want to hunt that dick again. God I hate him so much!


Just made the Testucabra set and a decent charge blade so I can ease through the story. I know I said skip the story but I forgot how useful it can be for farming lol



Kulve Taroth is coming back at the 25th of May for 1 week :slight_smile:



OHAI GAIS! Yeah, I knew of MHGU the day it was announced, I was just visiting a friend of mine in The States and didn’t really have the means to hop on the site and post.

Unfortunately, my overall thoughts on MHGU aren’t massively positive. Whilst I’m glad it’s happening I’m also kind of annoyed at Capcom for releasing it after World when I’ve been spoiled by all the gameplay and QoL changes that make World vastly superior to its predecessors.


I stopped playing ><


Well now it’s time to get back used to old school! I need help… Please…


Do hoho, dis slaps me on de knee.