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Welp, I’ve got a fair few really good weapons from Kulve so far… none of them bows, though. feelsbadman.

Did have a team not long ago where we knocked the gold off of her horns in the first area, that was impressive.


I’ve gotten a few IG but I haven’t taken a look at them yet. I really want to get the rare ones tho. I did get a rare bow a few days ago tho lol.

I need to do a lot more though cause some of the armor pieces are really good. Imagine if this set had a set bonus god that’d make it even better.


Gotta say, the most annoying thing about the Kulve Taroth fight is the bloody Gajalaka, I swear they’re about 1,000% more annoying in this quest than any other.

They are, none of them really fit my bow play, but I’m probbaly gonna make both sets for whenever I decide to hit up Blademaster a bit more.

I think the abilities (and slots on the beta variant) are the reason the set doesn’t have any set bonuses.


Damn i love the Kulve Taroth Quest this really feels like a real final Boss fight O.O I already got some great Hunting Horns and GunLance and i already got 4 Gems xD My fav. Taroth Weapon so far is the Paolumu Hunting Horn.

And yeah there are some rare Pets on the Map :slight_smile: i never has know about this cute Snake thing before i hv see this Video

Btw for the Ryu Fans we will get a High Rank Ryu Armor soon damn i love this Game ^^ :heart:


At least they only seem to hit you, not para/sleep like the normal ones.


Imagine that because we made Kulve flee the caverns of El Durado atoraru ka took up its place and it was a new siege mission. That’d be super cool and fitting for atoraru ka.


OMG this was to good and its so true whit the new Jho xDDD


Ha, that amused me.


I’ve been thinking about Siege missions. What if each one has a different objective. Like Kulve is to study the monster and break its parts, but let’s say the next siege will have us watch the monster and make it flee it’s home by luring other monsters there. I’d be something like first mission would be to study it and each level gained a new monster would appear and each had a turf war with the new monster. I dunno I’m just throwing out ideas. Honestly other than the normal elders I’m expecting some special siege for each large monster now. There can at least be two types of sieges if we aren’t counting the part breaking for Kulve. That would be killing or making the monster flee. Imagine if we got sieges not only for new monsters but for large monsters like Dire Miralis, Gogmazios, Amatsu, Narkakos, etc. Maybe we could even get a siege for Fatalis if he were to return and they could then really show off his power by increasing his health and his health lowers with each level making it near impossible to beat him on the first level really giving the feel that he is as powerful as the lore.


I like how he brought back his old designs and animation for old Jho, was a really nice touch.


Well, I’ve got all the Kulve Taroth mats I need to make both sets of armour; but damn it, the drops just don’t want to give me any good bows. ¬_¬


The curse of RNG will make sure you never get a good bow!


Welp, having just looked at the spreadsheet all I can say is that every single bow pretty much sucks when compared to the bows I already use, and for some reason a disproportionately high number of them require free-element when compared to all other non-bowgun weapons.


Yeah, most of Kulve’s weapons have hidden elements. But his armor set has three levels of it, so there’s that.



So, after having one or two hunts against Kulve that I felt ended pretty well I saved them using the PS4’s share feature (which isn’t great, but still serviceable) and then decided to do a bit of silly editing with the end of one of those hunts. Once again, crappy editing inbound.


Oh shit I didn’t think we’d get it!

@Nasha842 you gonna be getting a switch to play it with me? I don’t expect you to do so but I don’t think they’re porting it to the 3ds either.


I’m kinda hoping with this new port we might be able to get some newer monsters in world like Valfak or Bubbles.


On the Switch? I am listening…

I have Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS which I sadly haven’t even started yet thanks to Pokemon Ultra Sun (still haven’t finished it)…is this the same game?


Oh we can play on the 3ds multiplayer together. Ultimate include G rank and more monsters so it’s basically an expansion and you can transfer your data from the 3ds onto the switch.