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Dear lord…


Who’s trying to get this hunt on Xbox?


I’ll be home in about 6 or so hours if you’ll still be on by then. I don’t expect you to be tho lol.


Go to elders recess, in the lava zones or close by should be be like 2 golden tracks. After collecting them go back to the trade yard and talk to the admiral.


That was fun XD can see the health augment at work too.


Anyone on Xbox wanna beat the shit out of the new monster with me?

Edit: Room code is 3spGy4BJd3Ja sorry I forgot about that lol


Just beat my first Gold Horned Jagras (she honesty looks like one) got the max level as well which is 17


In regards to Kulve Taroth looking like a blinged up Great jagras, yeah, I can see it. I’ll now also slightly rework a youtube comment I saw yesterday.

“Ol’ Kulve Taroth ain’t always been this glam, she was a drab little Jag once.
Now she knows she can be happy as a clam, 'cuz she’s beautiful baby!”


Honestly while the hunt is super fun and all it’s kinda exhausting to hunt her back to back especially because you have to break the parts again. I kinda wish they would bring bad the old elder system it was so cool and made them really feel like they were the only ones around. I guess I can understand her cloak but her horns once cracked (which you have to get to her last phase to even do so) should stay cracked.


Yeah, it can get a little bit tiresome. But it’s still an infinitely more entertaining fight than either Lao Shan or Shen Gaoren were. So I can overlook the little bit of tedium involved with the multiple reruns.


Yeah definitely. I feel that a gem should have a high chance to drop if you get the max level though. Getting the max level is super annoying.

Edit 1: And right now there’s no real reason to since it’s still up to rng, I didn’t even get the rarest form of an relic thing.

Edit 2: also she should drop heavy armor spheres and not just hard ones that’s another gripe. Heavy spheres should NOT just be from completing the daily bounties from Spring Festival.


Just beat him again, team didn’t get max level this time tho


It seems that above a certain pursuit level her health most definitely carries over. Just had the same team for 3 hunts in a row and in the third hunt we were not only breaking parts very quickly, but moving through phases very quickly. Literally had her go from phase 3 to 4 the second she entered phase 3. Got max reward level but now bows, unfortunately.


I’m pretty sure on the higher level she just moves phases faster, if you read the level it says “It’ll be easier to corner her” or something like that.


We broke her horns very quickly in the 4th phase when she managed to escape in the same phase in the run before that.


I dunno, I know she doesn’t keep health tho, perhaps she keeps part damage? It’s a possibility but nothings confirmed.


Fastest kulve run we’ve had yet. 9:27 ish


Welp, I’ve got a fair few really good weapons from Kulve so far… none of them bows, though. feelsbadman.

Did have a team not long ago where we knocked the gold off of her horns in the first area, that was impressive.


I’ve gotten a few IG but I haven’t taken a look at them yet. I really want to get the rare ones tho. I did get a rare bow a few days ago tho lol.

I need to do a lot more though cause some of the armor pieces are really good. Imagine if this set had a set bonus god that’d make it even better.


Gotta say, the most annoying thing about the Kulve Taroth fight is the bloody Gajalaka, I swear they’re about 1,000% more annoying in this quest than any other.

They are, none of them really fit my bow play, but I’m probbaly gonna make both sets for whenever I decide to hit up Blademaster a bit more.

I think the abilities (and slots on the beta variant) are the reason the set doesn’t have any set bonuses.