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Yeet! I haven’t seen the trailer yet but it looks like it’s in the RV which is sad, I personally feel ER needs some more love as it only has one new monster whereas RV already has 3. AF has 4 WW has 1 (it needs some more love too, I’m also not counting Kula since he is first spotted in the AF) CH has 3, and like I already said ER has only 1 new monster.

Edit: oh shit I just watched it!

It seems to have its own area and from the looks it’ll be a moving elder fight like Lao and the sand elders.


Super excited for this guy! I’m pretty sure this is the “Treasure Dragon” as well which makes that leak list even more realistic.



This was 1 of the biggest Suprise ever i hv never think that we will get a new Monster so fast after Deviljho O.O
Kulve Taroth looks amazing i really cant wait to see the Armor and Weapons of this Thing :slight_smile: andy yeah it looks like it will be a special Quest like the Zorah Magdaros or Xenojiva Quest.

I really hope whit the Update we will finally be able to buy the Character Voucher again. I hv changed my old Character ( myself ) tomake it looks like the Handler but im not full happy whit the Face so i really want to update it :stuck_out_tongue: but If im still not happy whit the Face i will change it back to myself xD



I wanna be FABULOUS


I already saw it on a Video ^^ it looks so great i cat wait to see how the Hunting Horn , Lance and GunLance will looks like :slight_smile: Gunlance is my new Main weapon :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not entirely sure what they were going for with the flash pod change to tempered monsters since that already happened as it was. =/


I’m going off the assumption that because we’ll be having the Lao cosmetic set that means we might not see him which makes me sad since I haven’t been able to fight him at all ;-;


Eh, as cool as Lao’s look was he was a pretty boring fight.


Just realized how broken Lance’s are after using one lol


Okay, this got a chuckle out of me.


This is amazing! XD

Also, one of the best aspects of this game are the monster turf fights.



It’s Turf Wars :stuck_out_tongue:


Cut me some slack I can’t even play this game yet :sob: Lolz


Cough use console cough


I witnessed that edit Sledge. No lolz for you!


Has anyone tried the health Regen augment? I kinda want to put it on my Lance’s build. Not meta I know, but I think it would fit this build.

Edit: basically how much health do you get back per hit? (Also not a completely finished build)


I’m not entirely sure, but I think it’s a percentage of the damage you deal.


I’m not sure how much health you get back but I use it and it’s a little useful at teir 1 if you stack the augment it’ll heal more iirc. I use IG however so with a bulky weapon that has a shield I’m not sure as you won’t be getting many hits in.


About 10% of damage inflicted back. And it’s pretty nice so far.
Edit: recovery up effects it (and vaal set bonus), so you can get 13% back. Plus passive healing.