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I wanna be FABULOUS


I already saw it on a Video ^^ it looks so great i cat wait to see how the Hunting Horn , Lance and GunLance will looks like :slight_smile: Gunlance is my new Main weapon :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not entirely sure what they were going for with the flash pod change to tempered monsters since that already happened as it was. =/


I’m going off the assumption that because we’ll be having the Lao cosmetic set that means we might not see him which makes me sad since I haven’t been able to fight him at all ;-;


Eh, as cool as Lao’s look was he was a pretty boring fight.


Just realized how broken Lance’s are after using one lol


Okay, this got a chuckle out of me.


This is amazing! XD

Also, one of the best aspects of this game are the monster turf fights.



It’s Turf Wars :stuck_out_tongue:


Cut me some slack I can’t even play this game yet :sob: Lolz


Cough use console cough


I witnessed that edit Sledge. No lolz for you!


Has anyone tried the health Regen augment? I kinda want to put it on my Lance’s build. Not meta I know, but I think it would fit this build.

Edit: basically how much health do you get back per hit? (Also not a completely finished build)


I’m not entirely sure, but I think it’s a percentage of the damage you deal.


I’m not sure how much health you get back but I use it and it’s a little useful at teir 1 if you stack the augment it’ll heal more iirc. I use IG however so with a bulky weapon that has a shield I’m not sure as you won’t be getting many hits in.


About 10% of damage inflicted back. And it’s pretty nice so far.
Edit: recovery up effects it (and vaal set bonus), so you can get 13% back. Plus passive healing.


Yeah there’s a set out there that makes it to where you almost never need to use potions. I don’t remember what it’s called tho.


Shiny monster @@


Hey your back! Welcome back to hunting mostly innocent creatures and skinning them simulator!