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Almost done making my first homemade IG set, anyone wanna hear about it?


F-Fine you jerks!

I’m still gonna tell it anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

I call the set “Arial IG” not to be confused with the style form MHGen. I call it this because it focuses heavily on staying in the air.

Rathian Helm Alpha
Lunch Mail Beta
Legiana Vambraces Beta
Bazel Coil Beta
Rathalos Greaves Beta
Earplugs charm

With all of this combined you’ll get the skills:
Earplugs 5
Health boost 2
Poison attack 1 (not really needed tbh I just wanted a good health boosting helm and this is the cheapest one I could find without having to do the Arena)
Master Mounter
Jump Master

While most skills are really interchangeable like earplugs and heath boost the last three are heavily important to the build. Mounting Master is self explanatory. Airborn for those who don’t know increases jumping damage which increases damage caused by jumping attack. This means your dealing damage on par with the damage you’d do on ground if not more. Jump Master prevents you from being knocked back by attacks (key thing is it doesn’t count roars) whilst in the air. Combine these three abilities with Dash Juice and an IG that has life steal and while you won’t be invincible you’ll be kinda close to it.

The weapon I’m using is the Titzi IG as while it doesn’t do as much damage as Diablos’ IG it doesn’t have negative affinity and has three slots as well as some good green sharpness. Anyways that’s my first set that I’ve actually hand crafted and I’m super proud of it.

Edit: Hey guys Spring Blossom is up now as well!

Edit 2: I’ve actually been refining this set whenever I get more decorations that can replace armor pieces so for now I’ll leave this up and when I fully finish the set, as in I have all the skills I want that I can possible have in one armorset I’ll post the new set.


I may have just discovered this game and become addicted. I had an itch to hunt and this scratches it pretty well! I’ll come back and post some of my builds sometime! I have to write them down.


Yeah MH always filled the void from when Evolve got cancled. I played a shit ton of Gen when it did.


OMG i cant believe it after hunting 35 Deviljhos i finally got his Gem O.O i think i broke my Game this cant be legal :stuck_out_tongue:


Bro, MonHun has been a game that sucks away the lives of those who play it since long before Evolve’s time. This is its legacy! dramatic pose

EDIT: Anywho! In the process of making myself a support-based SnS build (because I’m tired of randumbs getting themselves killed to the point where I’m willing to pick up another weapon) and this is what I’ve got so far.

Datura Blossom III - Augmented for an additional slot and +20 defence. Gemmed with Shield Jewel 2, and 2 Ironwall Jewels
Shadow Shades Alpha - gemmed with 3 vitality jewels
Bazel Mail Beta - gemmed with 2 Friendship jewels
Rathain Vambraces Alpha - no slots to work with
Pukei Coil Beta - gemmed with one Medicine Jewel
Vangis Greaves Beta - gemmed with a Gobbler Jewel and a Medicine Jewel
Friendship Charm III

This setup gives me
Wide-Range Lv. 5
Guard Lv. 4
Health Boost Lv. 3
Poison Attack Lv. 3 (Don’t want to be completely useless outside of the heals now, do I?)
Speed Eating Lv. 3
Recovery Up Lv. 2
Stun Resistance Lv. 1
Guard Up

I’m sure there are better support builds out there, but I think I’ve done pretty well with this one. Kind of torn on the last 2 weapon augments, though. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll go for to health regen augments, but at the same time some additional defence might also be a good thing.

EDIT II: Welp, just used a lance in a challenge quest. Didn’t do too badly, all things considered, actually quite enjoyed the weapon despite the fact I was learning to use it as I played.


The Handler and Myself as The Handler :stuck_out_tongue:

Hairstyles really can change a Person xD

Sadly we cant get The Handlers new Bee Skin as a Hunter Armor :frowning: i really want that big googles for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, slight alteration to my support set, I’ve replaced the two defence jewels with Recovery Up Jewels to increase the potency of my heals and have decided that my last two augment slots will go towards defence.


Thinking about using the Gnashing Flammenkanone. Anyone try it out yet?


God that sounds like a Magala weapon, what class is it?


It’s a anjanath hbg. Decided on the shattercryst instead.


Just hunted my 3rd Tempered Jho. had one guy in the latest hunt providing some stellar support, I’ll say that.

EDIT: Just got 2 Hero’s Streamstones from a Tempered Jho. feelsgoodman
EDIT II: And just got another 2 Hero’s Streamstones from a Tempered Jho. Why does the RNG like me now but not when I’m after decorations?


Whenever I did tempered Jho (once) I got like three of them so he does have a high drop rate for them.


That feel when the armour set you’re going to use for your support build isn’t fully augmented yet and you get two teams that suck against Tempered Jho.

EDIT: And now my support set has a fully augmented weapon, went with two defence+ augments after the additional slot just to decrease the maintence a bit.



Do hoho, dat slaps me on de knee.

EDIT: It would seem that, with the map for Relish the Moment being shifted to Elder’s Recess, the quest no longer has a very high drop-rate for Sullied Streamstones.


And here we go guys! The next big updates happens in two days, introducing the new monster Kulve Taroth!


Yeet! I haven’t seen the trailer yet but it looks like it’s in the RV which is sad, I personally feel ER needs some more love as it only has one new monster whereas RV already has 3. AF has 4 WW has 1 (it needs some more love too, I’m also not counting Kula since he is first spotted in the AF) CH has 3, and like I already said ER has only 1 new monster.

Edit: oh shit I just watched it!

It seems to have its own area and from the looks it’ll be a moving elder fight like Lao and the sand elders.


Super excited for this guy! I’m pretty sure this is the “Treasure Dragon” as well which makes that leak list even more realistic.



This was 1 of the biggest Suprise ever i hv never think that we will get a new Monster so fast after Deviljho O.O
Kulve Taroth looks amazing i really cant wait to see the Armor and Weapons of this Thing :slight_smile: andy yeah it looks like it will be a special Quest like the Zorah Magdaros or Xenojiva Quest.

I really hope whit the Update we will finally be able to buy the Character Voucher again. I hv changed my old Character ( myself ) tomake it looks like the Handler but im not full happy whit the Face so i really want to update it :stuck_out_tongue: but If im still not happy whit the Face i will change it back to myself xD