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I take on Tempered Kirin with the HR set of Kirin armour on, a Bombadier charm and plenty of Mega Barrel Bombs. Cuts out a whole lot of BS. xD

Anywho! There is a Tempered Murder Pickle event quest about right now.


Just killed tempered pickle. Never again, I mean it, never again. I dunno how much streamstones he can drop but I only got two and for how much stuff I wasted on him from over three stacks of both types of potions and almost two stacks of dash juice as well as almost six shock traps. So not worth it for me ;-;

He feels almost on par with savage Jho that’s how hard he is to me.


I didn’t consider him difficult, but my god is he annoying to fight. It’s like everything I dislike about Black Diablos, but relatively worse.

Apparently the streamstone drop rate is super high though, so I will probably struggle through it. 3 kills so far with 1 hero’s. If the return rate continues to be that high I am willing to go for it. Just not solo, because 40 minutes for 1 hunt? No thanks.


I mean, I didn’t really mean he’s difficult but the damage he’s able to do with just a tail sweep is outrageous, not to mention the fact that his breath attack can almost one shot you.


I’m super sad that our beloved lord and savior PoogieJho has not made a return with Deviljho



I generally dislike the Tempered monsters as a whole. Certain T2 threats upwards basically amount to “you made a mistake? loldead!” sure, mistakes get punished hard. But the monsters don’t really get any harder. I think the only exception is Tempered Kirin because his lightning “tripwire” attacks actually get additional properties (i.e. there’s more of them per-use) where no other monster does.


Yeah I honestly hate tempered, IMO they do G-rank damage but I’ve the health of High Rank and you have High Rank armor. I guess that’s a little bit of an exaggeration since G-rank elders would totally destroy you if you were wearing high rank armor but you know what I mean.


Nothing feels very threatening with a fully augmented armor set honestly. You still want to avoid the super moves of monsters, but they won’t one shot you. Kirin is about the only one that worries me, and that is because of his inevitable murdering of you if you get unlucky.

Tempered Jho on the other hand is apparently set up to be stronger than the true release of Tempered Jho will be. Only want to bother fighting him because he apparently has high hero streamstone drop rates.


“murder” is an understatment, with 58 Thunder res and a bow equipped Kirin still does about 80% of your health in one hit with his thunder attacks.

EDIT: On that subject Tempered Jho is a LOT like Tempered Kirin in the respect that if you slip up once you’re pretty much dead. He’s not really any harder, just punishes hard (I use the word punish prtty loosely, given some of his hitboxes) same criticism I really have about Tempered monsters in general.

EDIT II: That feel when literaly one guy costs you a quest because he never kept his health topped up. Literally went through 5 life powders and another guy went through 3 trying to keep this guy alive.


I wish I could be fighting the picklejho right now… waaaah.


Why can’t you? ^^;;


10 devil pickles


I am thumbstick challenged so I can’t play it on XBone…gotta wait for PC.


Dun worry sledge! He’s a pushover RN anyways I feel he needs a hit box fix as well as slightly higher damage. When I say slightly I really mean slightly as some of his attacks already do enough damage for where he’s at IMO. Jho is supposed to be near elder level (at least in the older games he always usually came before the elders along with some other challenging monsters and flagships) yet he feels like Bazel but less punishing. That’s just from my experience though.


And with my obtainment of a second Critical Boost Jewel all the skills for my Critical Element set are complete. The armour isn’t fully augmented yet, and neither are any of my weapons, so it’s not as strong as it could be, but it’s getting there. Now, if only the decorations I need for my main set were to drop.


Holy shit

Edit: here’s the full gameplay


Yeah, seen it. Not bothered as I’m glad underwater combat is gone and didn’t think too much of Lagiacrus on land.


I already have hunt like 23 Deviljho and still didnt got his Gem -.- Damn this angry brutal Pickle hates me xD


May the RNG be with you on your next hunt!


Laughs the RNG is never on your side!
Ability-wise I’ve got all the abilities I was after on my Critical Element set before the one on my main set, which I’m still looking for a Stamina Surge gem and a Normal Shot+ Gem (game’s given me 3 of the Spread/Powershot gems, though) the RNG hates me.

EDIT: Welp just hit HR 100. I was hoping to have at least one of the two decorations I was after before that, but eh.