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Deviljho is pretty amazing love to fight him adn it looks like he is the most Brutal and biggest Normal Monster so Far :slight_smile: And yeah i love how he can use other Monsters as a Weapon that poor things xDD

btw love his Armor and weapons too the Hunting Horn looks amazing :slight_smile:


His weapons look nice but really need that sharpness skill (I can’t remember it’s name) also his armor looks good but it’s not that good skill wise imo.


Yeah boi! I got his gem! Honestly I’m prolly gonna make his amor set just cause I want handicraft without farming Kushala.

Edit: I dunno if it’s a glitch or I need to do something first but Deviljho’s gem isn’t craftable at the Elder melder


The only thing I have found annoying about him so far is the wonky hitboxes while he is swinging another monster around.



His hip check has a wonky hit box vertically. Use IG on the second run and he hit me way above him.


Kinda sad Odogaron doesn’t have a turf war, I would have been fine if after the turf war when Jho wins he picks him up at the end but he just picks him up. Also I’m sad that Legiana and Rathalos have the same turf war with him.


Ah, I use a Lance mostly. I just did a couple pokes, blocked until he attacked, rinse and repeat.

But him flailing Kulu would occasionally hit behind me for some unexplained reason, causing it to hit me anyways.


Honestly I thought him flailing monsters around would make his tail a hit box since it’s moving around as well, glad that isn’t the case.


It only just hit me that I don’t think PETA has talked about MH. Perhaps they’re smart enough and know that the only reason hunters hunt is to get rid of monsters attacking a town (like in previous games) or that are real threats.


I mean, the Yaku Twins, basically everything in the Rotten Vale, most things in Elder’s Recess, Tobi, and Paolumu would like to have a word.


Why is it that when you make a quest you immediately just get all the incompetent people?


Kula threatened a camp that needed to be built and Tiztzi, well he’s just a jerk who flashes everyone, also you don’t have to kill him at all for the story

Rodoban attacked you and so did Girros who was also hogging up a needed campsite. Odogaron, well he tried to murder three different people.

Everything in the elders Recess pretty much attacked you first so self defense.

Tobi once again attacked first and tried to kill you.

Read above please


It actually is canon that anything you encounter and kill has been approved by the guild to be a hunting target for various reasons.

Investigations and the like are not actually canon, so the 50 Rathalos you kill to farm for stuff doesn’t actually do anything to the population of them.


It was also confirmed that the armors and weapons hunters made were in fact from one monster and not 1,000 FOR THAT GOD DAMN GEM!


looks at my 2 Deviljho gems



Oh I wasn’t talking about Jho he’s given me three gems so far. I was mainly talking about Teostra. God I hate farming elders…


Hmms, just in the process of working out a Critical Element set for when I want to mix things up a little bit, and this is what I’ve roughly worked out so far.

Rath Soul Helm Beta: +1 Crit Boost w/ 2 Lv. 1 slots
Rathalos Plate Beta: +2 Weakness Exploit w/ 1 Lv. 1 slot
(Critical Element active)
Teostra Vambraces Beta: +1 Weakness Exploit w/ 1 Lv. 3 slot
Odogaron Coil Beta: +2 Critical Eye w/ 1 Lv. 2 slot
Diablos Nero Greaves Beta: Normal Shots w/ 1 Lv. 2 slot
Charm will either remain as Fitness Charm III, so that I’m not chewing through my stamina too quickly, or be changed to a Master’s Charm for a nice little extra affinity boost.

The 3 level 1 slots will be used for various utility skills depending on the quest.
The 1 level 3 slot will likely be used for Spread/Power Shot
The 2 level 2 slots will be reserved for Critical Boost gems (whenever I happen to get them)


I just beat tempered Kirin first try! I will admit unlike Bazel and tempered duo Bazel this quest lives up to the fear it causes. I’ve never had to be more cautious in any of my hunts than against tempered Kirin. I almost lost as well cause I fainted twice but I was able to kill it! I have a feeling Jho’s IG helped a lot tho. High damage, white sharpness, high elder seal. Yeah Jho’s weapons are super strong against elders. I also used Jho’s armor and gemed out the thunder weakness so that I could get said white sharpness and latent power. For some reason I thought it was awakening and not latent power it had. Jho’s armor is the best for his weapons as well because the latent power lvl 3 when activated gives you 30% more affinity which blocks out the -25% and gives you an extra five. I honesty thought this armor was shit but it fits my IG playstyle for taking things slow super good. Speed Eating was also a lifesaver, being able to chug potions at the speed of sound (exaggeration but it honestly feels like you do) was super helpful.

Moral of the story, Pickles armor is okay but would excel with a soul skill, and I’m never fighting tempered Kirin ever again.


Oh hey guys! If your HR50 and above and though Jho was super easy there is an event quest with a tempered version rn called Relish the Moment. I heard he’s super hard in this one so be careful out there hunters!