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click noice


Now I just need like another 20 or so of the things on top of that Stamina Surge gem I’m looking for and then I can start putting a bit more effort into farming Tempered Elders.

EDIT: Laughs Just got the Bow Charge Plus gem and it’s a level lower than I was expecting it to be. This means that the build I’m after has some leniency to it.


Got this cap earlier today. Very tail. Much chase.


Proving once and for all that Odogaron is nothing more than a big pupper.


Muscle doggo best doggo.


Did you see the footage of the arena event with a wolf sized Odogoron? It was adorable.


It was TRUE Pupper Odogaron!


Indeed I did. It’s amusing.

Also, somewhat related, but apparently that true enrage mode that you very rarely see with Odogaron happens after he eats.


Have a random HR Kirin hunt. Because why not?
Not one of my best, but I felt it was pretty good.

As for that “true enrage” state for Muscle Pupper I find it odd that it’d be so rare, I’ve never seen him hit that state.

EDIT: I’ll give people a warning in advance, this video has some of my crappy editing work in it. Regardless, enjoy some Tempered Kirin cheese!



Do hoho, dat slaps me on de knee.

Though, the only gripe I have about that video lies at the end where the ysuggest that bows should be using dragon piercer on the tail, there are a few builds where they gimps the player’s overall damage output.


Bows do cutting damage. I say bows should at least not be at the head stunning hammers and CB


When the head is the weak point and the bow user is running a build that isn’t bumping up Dragon Piercer’s damage they’re contributing less to the hunt that way. I mean, yeah, it takes a while to get to the point where using Dragon Piercer is gimping a bow user’s damager, but it’s still something to keep in mind.

Example, when I get my set complete I’ll have both Normal Shot Up and Power Shot Up active, which means that my Dragon Piercer will be a fair bit weaker than a normal shot into a power shot combo.

EDIT: Update containing Murder Pickle is now live!


Ah, so excited!


Deviljho is annoying.

And also out.


Beat one. ^^;; Armor sucks x.x rarity seven too? Why. Dx


Because only elder dragons and full completion sets give you rarity 8 armor. Not that armor rarity makes any real difference after augmenting anyway.

Armor is actually really good. Lots of handicraft and partbreaker. From what I’ve been told latent power is actually pretty good, though I don’t know anything about it.

And speed eating is useful, even though it’s more of a quality of life skill.


Speed Eating with Wide Range is all kinds of Godly.

Anywho, just capped the Murder Pickle. Slipped up a few times since it’s been a while since I last fought him, but did it withotu carting, or even using any of my items.


I consider speed eating only especially useful specifically with wide range support builds, outside of that its one of those things most people will forego in favor of MOAR DEEPS.


His bow is pretty sweet. It’s like a slingshot mounted into a wrist gauntlet. Very unique.