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Damn it, game. Just give me that Stamina Surge gem I’m after so that I can start planning my final armour/skillset.

EDIT: Yeah, there is more info on Murder Pickle arriving at 11:00 UTC. I’m not sure what that would be across different timezones, but it shouldn’t be too hard to look up.


Where did ya hear this from?


Monster Hunter’s official Twitter.


You shoulda said March 14th then lol


Huh, odd. I’m about ready to swear that I wrote the date in that post as well.
EDIT: Welp, I’m sold on this.


First crossover content coming to xbox as well as PS4, so I am pleased.


Okay, first thing’s first. it seems as though Jho will be dropping next week (22nd) so he’s pretty close.

A seasonal event has been announced to run from the 6th of April to the 20th, during that time I believe all event quests will be available to run.
The majority of the weapons were buffed, the only exceptions being the bow guns, which didn’t get anything and the bow, which had a couple of bugs fixed (RIP being able to turn my Dragon Piercer 180 degrees)

Jho’s weapons seem to be more like the weapon designs of older games, if the GS is anything to go by.

Jho and Bazel have a turf war, it is awesome.

It was a pretty lacklustre stream overall, and it looks as though Jho is indeed the only new monster, but at least they’re not turning a blind eye to some of the complaints people have about the game. I have high hopes for the future support.


I feel that they were only going to add Jho if the game wasn’t popular so they only made Jho for this update. Hopefully that’s true and since the game is a success we’ll have more monsters next time they add monsters.


Oh, I also forgot, Jho can outright use other monsters as weapons. There was one point during the stream that showcased him thrashing Great Jagras around like a ragdoll and he hit one of the players with the Great Jagras during that animation, and then again later on when he threw Great Jagras across the map.

He can also still attack whilst caught in a pitfall trap.


Weapons got buffed?! ^^;;


Yeah, can’t wait to try out the new weapons with the buffs


Also! They announced that there will be a new large patch in April after the spring festival event (according to Gaijinhunter) so it looks like support for the game is likely to be good.


I really hope we will get a Weapons Tree Ugrade anytime soon where it change the look much more of the Weapons :slight_smile: im a Hunting Horn Player but sadly most of the Hunting Horns of my fav. Monsters like Radobaan, Paolumu, Anjanath looks kinda the same and it makes me sad there is no Val Hazak, Uragaan, Jyuratodus Hunting Horn :frowning:


Completely agree. Seems some weapons look great, others look lazily designed.


Gaijin Hunter uploaded a video with some info that those of us unable to understand Japanese will have missed.


After numerous really large Odogarons, I have managed to actually hunt a giant gold crown Odogaron.


And I’ve finally managed to get my first weapon augment. Threw an additional gem slot on my Dragonbone Bow to give it the 3rd level of Dragon Attack, bumping its Dragon Element up to 520. Which I believe hits the element cap at an additional 100.


click noice


Now I just need like another 20 or so of the things on top of that Stamina Surge gem I’m looking for and then I can start putting a bit more effort into farming Tempered Elders.

EDIT: Laughs Just got the Bow Charge Plus gem and it’s a level lower than I was expecting it to be. This means that the build I’m after has some leniency to it.


Got this cap earlier today. Very tail. Much chase.