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Well, seems as though it’ll be a decent place to hunt for T2 Tempered monsters.


The Tzi-Tzi event gives you sunglasses.


i was hoping so much that the Sunglasses looks like my Huge fly eyes goggles butsadly it isnt -.- Capcom i want my huge lovely Goggles in the Game so i can make myself perfect :stuck_out_tongue: they are a big part of me xD


me and my friend was so hyped about the Quest because every1 has think it is Deviljho so we was playing it and was searching him for like 25 min and then yeah we got trolled :stuck_out_tongue: i really hope Deviljho will get released this Month or April :slight_smile:


From what I’ve been able to glean there will be a Livestream on the 14th where they whill showcase Pickle and unveil some more DLC info. Going by past experience the DLC is likely to release about a month after that. So we may be getting Jho on the 14th of April, but we’ll have to wait and see.


I doubt it will be the 14th. Thursdays are reset day for the US, so I am guessing it’ll be the 15th (I believe that the reset it technically on the 16th for Japan, so friday in Japan time.)

Although I’d say that the 22nd would be just as likely. Really small full reveal into launch window if they only show it one day in advance, but idk how Capcom does things. Just hope it isn’t any longer than that.


No I think it’ll be on the 14th since that should be reset day for everyone, I thinks it’s on Thursday and not Friday for us because Japan is a day ahead of us so it’s Friday for them.


Okay so serious question.

Goliath vs Teostra.

Kraken vs Kushala.

Wraith vs Nergigante.

Behemoth vs Deviljho.

Gorgon vs Vaal Hazak.

My monies on Goliath, Kraken, Nergigante, Behemoth, and Vaal taking it.



Kraken (dat lightning weakness)


Murder Pickle

Hmms, I wanna say Vaal Hazak for the effluvia.



As proven with Nergigante Elders seem to fail at matching brute strength so I’d say Goliath would win.

Kraken would most likely win due to Kushala’s weakness to electricity.

Nergigante would definitely win this fight as wraith wouldn’t be able to handle his powerful offense as it can only be countered with another powerful offense.

Deviljho would win this fight not because he’s super strong and tanky but because he can take away Behemoth’s elemental damaging attacks with his laser attack. That and he can lower Behemoth’s defense with his saliva. Behemoth also has no way of taking advantage of Jho’s weakness which is feeding him meat with status effects inside them.

Vaal would take this fight because not only can he halve Gorgon’s health with Efflivium but he can also fire long projectiles or chase her down if she tries to escape.


Did the true final quest just now (hunt 3 tempered elders in one quest)

It was really easy since each of them had significantly reduced health. They don’t even spawn at the same time. (which was unfortunate since Nergigante turf wars are :fire:)


You’re so fast. Dx


The only time consuming part of it was getting form HR 50 to 100. I have a seen a tone of people 200 plus already.

Once you get into the Elder Dragon grind things go by quickly.


Just did a game and had someone in it named Alice lol thought you should know @Alice


I hope they were nice to you. ^^;;


They were using LS and constantly doing the jumping attack with it lol other than that they were fine.


Just beat a Tempered Azure, gets a sullied streamstone. Axe Thaaaaaanks game, I really needed to augment a weapon type I’m not using.


I have gotten 3 lances, an axe, two shafts, and a ranged.

I need a blade, and would be perfectly fine with a sword one as well, since I have been getting into the longsword.

I fully expect to get two hammers at some point just so the game can assert that it hates me.


I just killed my first Kirin. Yay me.

Also, my grandpa texted me to tell me he beat all three elders (Vaal, Kushala, and Teostra) in one night. He’s HR29 now while I’m stuck here still at HR14.


Ayy. Got a hero’s sword streamstone.

not what I wanted exactly, but at least I can apply it to something I actually use.