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Helping out people in LR and this guy keeps shooting Rathalos with dung pods. >< I got so mad I didn’t let him carve him after I took it down. Hmph…


Been using the longsword and made a build for it that is pretty much easier to use than my normal DB setup. Though the damage output isn’t as high.

Now if only I could actually have some luck with decoration and augmentation drops.

The good: got lucky with augentation drops. Two hero’s streamstones from one temp ED.

The bad: a third lance and an axe stone.


I’m trying to farm T2 Tempered monsters right now. You get a slightly better chance of getting the streamstones to break into the first stage of weapon augmentations there along with a decoration or two I’m after.


If you feel that you are at a decent point to fight tempered elders I recommend starting. You will get more than enough of what you need to augment armor and low end weapons, because trust me, you will be fighting tempered elders a lot.


Oh, I know. I’ve already fought a fair few tempered elders, but at least one of the decorations I want are actually more frequently dropped by T2 tempered monsters.


Yeah that’s different.

Just the augmentation stuff you’ll drown in, but it’s a pain to have to hope for a specific decoration drop.


@DarkMesa So I beat the tempered Kirin on my first solo attempt. No faints, but only 1:07 left on the clock.


Oh wow haha.

Really what you have to do the first time around since any mistake could 100 to 0 you.


Yeah, I just took it slow and played it safe. Felt like it took forever for him to go from limping to dead though.

Also, I still can’t augment. But that’s something for another day.


Perhaps you need to do some tempered investigations to get the appropriate item before it allows you to do it. I’m still not entirely sure what the trigger is.


I didn’t get my first streamstone from Tempered Kirin either. Was kind of annoyed about that at the time.


You need to get a weapon streamstone. >< Then you’ll be able to augment things.


Meanwhile I am buried underneath the corpses of tempered elders.

Sure would love to get a hero’s blade streamstone…


Gets two Wyvern gems from Diablos but only one Majestic Horn fml


Fucking finally! Now all I need it… God Damn it! Horns from Black Diablos?! Ajkdmrkantnskfbfn


Dam i hate fighting HR Kirin so much this my little Pony is so annoying -.- I really think that Teostra and Kirin are the hardest Monster in the Game so far :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t think of any monsters I find hard to fight but I find Kirin, Kushala, Xeno’jiiva, and Zorah Magdaros (WHERE’S MY DRAGONATOR) annoying to fight.


My least favorites are, in this order, Black Diablos, Kirin, Kushala Doara, and Azure Rathalos. Beyond them I don’t find any particularly bothersome, and most are fun to fight for the most part.


I am absolutely positive I was just fighting a giant gold crown nergigante. (standing under its chest, I could not hit the chest with my DB)

We were so close to beating it, but the randoms were idiots./sigh


Just did the new quest that people thought would be the pickle, sadly it isn’t. However it is a good place for farming tempered tracks, I saw some for Tobi, Anja, Rathalos, and Bazel.

Edit: All Ancient Forrest tempered tracks can be found in the quest with the exception of Jagras, Bazel and Rathian tempered tracks can be found as well. I’m not sure if you can find Kushala tracks as I haven’t unlocked tempered elders yet but that would make the quest even more useful. I’m not upset at the fact that we can’t see our beautiful pickle yet, I’m more upset that this quest ignores MH tradition. Usually a “simple quest” will always throw in a super hard to fight monster at your level. For example you had a mushroom gathering quest in Gen LR story and when you get to the mushrooms you encounter Glav. This quest unlike other quests in past titles is literally just its name, a simple quest. Nothing special other than the tempered tracks. No large monsters spawn in it either to my knowledge only small monsters.