Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


Yet to get into this game. Thoughts? Do people recommend it?


I recommend it only if you are ready to give it your life.


I figured that I was gonna get destroyed by tempered Kirin. Turns out it wasn’t me who got destroyed. Poor thing didn’t know what hit it, not nearly as difficult as people make it out to be. So long as you concentrate its not that hard, it’s a glass cannon, packs a punch but dies in minutes.


Missing the uragaan ruby drop rate, but here is a thing.


That feel when you hop on World to farm a few Tempered Elders and immediately start by playing like shit. Feelsbadman.


So apparently the game actually does know what you’re trying to get. I never knew that there was a “desire sensor” in the game. Doesn’t that make farming pointless though?


It’s just RNG…


Again, that’s just a joke.


Well. I just got trolled hard. LUL. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised. With how often the game gives me rare drops I don’t care for yet withholds the things I want.


Finally finished my CB mixed set! God that Teostra gem took super long. I think what was annoying is that people kept leaving. Good thing was that they only left the room not the hunt. However on my last hunt someone joined the hunt sat there for a few minutes then left. I almost failed the quest cause he made Teo into a multiple person Teo. Also shoutout to that Gajinlaka that stuck with me through the entire quest lol.


I am complete


Damn first when i saw ur image i hv think it is a Mod or something but then i hv see there is a new Event Quest in the Game damn that head is amazing and a bigger Troll than the Mooswine Head xDD


Has any1 use the wiggler head in the Gallery for the Story cutscenes ? damn i cant stop laught this looks so stupid xDDD Best Head armor in the Game so far love that Capcom has some funny ideas :slight_smile:


Just solo’d temp. Nergigante. Was far easier than I anticipated. Though he does have a couple of attacks that come quite close to killing you quickly. Overall not a hard fight, even considering I was pretty out of practice fighting him.


Temp Teostra is being a massive pain. Not because I die and it fails, but because everyone else dies and it fails. Biggest thing that gets me is seeing people blatantly not use flameproof.


Hunted 500 large monsters. ><


Helping out people in LR and this guy keeps shooting Rathalos with dung pods. >< I got so mad I didn’t let him carve him after I took it down. Hmph…


Been using the longsword and made a build for it that is pretty much easier to use than my normal DB setup. Though the damage output isn’t as high.

Now if only I could actually have some luck with decoration and augmentation drops.

The good: got lucky with augentation drops. Two hero’s streamstones from one temp ED.

The bad: a third lance and an axe stone.


I’m trying to farm T2 Tempered monsters right now. You get a slightly better chance of getting the streamstones to break into the first stage of weapon augmentations there along with a decoration or two I’m after.


If you feel that you are at a decent point to fight tempered elders I recommend starting. You will get more than enough of what you need to augment armor and low end weapons, because trust me, you will be fighting tempered elders a lot.