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i hv played 20 Quests whit the Hunting Horn now and i must say i think i found my new Main Weapon :slight_smile: It isnt the best weapong for a solo run but if u play whit like 3 other Ppl it is great :stuck_out_tongue: and yeah i love the Design ^^


HH + Palico with horn >< so much buffing ^^;;


After spending a few hours farming for Tempered Elder Dragon investigations I realised that I’m basically spending hours farming so that I can spend hours farming.


It’s a never ending loop


It’s farmception!


I still have a couple of tempered ED investigations, but I am regretting not bothering to farm for tracks from the tempered Kirin at HR 49. Would have made things a bit more pleasant.


There is a route you can take in expiditions as long as you have the appropriate skills you’ll typically get an investigation after visiting each locale at least once. It’s still time consuming and tedious, but less so than other methods of farming.


Oh I am aware, but I don’t really feel like going out of my way just for that.


Yeah, it does get pretty tedious. But at least it gets results.

EDIT: Got 28 Tempered Elder inevstigations. Good Lord that took a while.


Just raised my defense by around 100 by actually bothering to augment and further upgrade my armor. (And now I feel stupid for not doing this ages ago)

Glad I had a ton of zenny haha.


I need to farm Teostra for his gloves when I get home. Gonna be annoying ;-;

Edit: also I need a gem… RIP


Finally defeat that Rank 49 tempered Kirin whit 2 Friends damn this my little Pony was annoying -.- But now im Rank 65 :slight_smile: sadly none of my friends have Street Fighter 5 i really want to get that Ryu Armor :frowning: Im thinking of buying Street Fighter 5 since last year because i love Street Fighter but the cokmbo inputs are so damn hard xD


I am farming in general. I like collecting items so if anyone wants help I’m hr 53 on Xbox. Grimiocus haha.


Just solo’d tempered Kirin. Boy is that a stressful fight for a DB.


What’s your HR right now everyone? ^^;;


I think mine’s 57. Been spending a fair bit of time just farming recently. Currently trying to get myself a whole lot of mats so that i have what I need to take down a few more Tempered Kirin.


60… something. Don’t remember. I think I am almost into the 70s at this point.


Still waiting for that pc release ;-;


Mines currently like 48? Been playing a lot of, a lot of final fantasy’s lol. 3, 8, 12, 15. Oh and kingdom hearts. Trying to spread out the fun so I don’t get burnt out on the grind.


I think I’m level 41 but that’s cause I haven’t been doing much on the game.