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So watch out for when he goes thermonuclear, got it.


Comically, it isn’t the type of move you’d even need to be warned about.

You’ll know.


It’s like, overly exaggerated anime super attack? That’s how I felt whenever Vaal would do his AOE breath attack.



Got it even lower!


He hovers and curls up, fire all around him, and at least for me, the camera always zoomed out. Super animu.


Gonna try to take down nergi in 5 minutes now. ^^;;


Anyone on Xbox wanna do the event quest Snow & Cherry Blossoms? I wanna do it to complete my tempered bounty quicker and to boost up my HR


If you have the gems for it give your armour the skill that prevents effluvial buildup, it stops him from halving your health.


I don’t think I have those gems. Is there any way to grind specific gems or nah?


They’re all random, but Miasma Gems seem to be relatively common, so T1 Tempered monsters should be your best bet.


Or you can take nul berries. Doesn’t stop the gas from slowly hurting you, but brings your health back up to full size.


See, I’m pretty sure it fixes your max health, but leaves your actual health where it was. Important, but still dangerous.

Though Great Girros armor has a piece that stops the DOT from the gas, but I think it doesn’t stop the status.


Nope but if you can put up with it for long enough to make some of his armor, then it no longer half’s your bar, and it will heal you up to full health with no items.


Hooray! ^^;;


After i hv played like 246 Quests whit the Hammer i try to learn the Hunting Horn ( alot ppl say it is weak ) and damn i love this thing in a TeamFight O.O It can be very amazing whit defense Boost and health boost and it makes alot fun :slight_smile:


Those people are painfully wrong and have probably never touched the hunting horn.


yeah this what i think i hv watch a Video where some1 has rank the weapons and how to play them and he didnt even mentioned the Hunting Horn in the List i was like " Really ? " and yeah i hv see alot japan player on my team who was amazing whit it :slight_smile:

My fav. Hunting Horn so far is the Rosa Rathian one that looks like a Jell really love the sound of it :stuck_out_tongue: im already grinding for the Legiana one ^^


Yeah, the Hunting Horn is far from weak, the people that say otherwise have never seen a good HH player at work. Those guys are dealing some serious damage whilst buffing the team at the same time. It’s got a pretty high skill-floor.


It’s relatively difficult to use and doesn’t really shine outside of group hunts, so it is just not popular (least popular in the game)


HH is cool. I don’t like it because I’m not good with it. ><