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Since you’re an SnS main you may very well be able to block his divebomb with a couple of levels of Guard, if not then maybe the roar he does whilst rearing up right before he does the divebomb. (I’m pretty sure that roars can still be blocked, anyway) which should help take some of the danger of that overall move away.


Or just ya know. Dodge right or left lol.


Your advice isn’t really helpful ><


I finally got that nergigante gem. Now I have the devastation thorns. I’m finally done. Oh but wait! Tempered Kirin is coming to kill me. Currently have a deck to try and counter him. Is having a fire element weapon or a high elderseal weapon more important? Trying to decide on the weapon I want to use.


I highly suggest soloing Tempered Kirin (well, Kirin in any of his forms is best soloed, I think.) so Elderseal will be about as useful as a fire on a raft in the middle of the ocean, you give up way too much damage to justify it. I personally suggest bombing him to death, saves a whole lot of headaches that way.

EDIT: farming investigations for Tempered Elders, my God this is tedious. XD


Feel it’s a really really disappointing move that they didn’t make this guy a super sized pop


Here is my Top10 Video i finally fnished it. I hv need like 6 hrs to make it :slight_smile: What do u think of my list ? ^^

btw i love all Monsters in the Game but that 10 are the ones i loike the most ( by design ) :stuck_out_tongue:



Keep in mind that my elderseal weapon is nergigantes final charge blade form. Would that make a difference? Or should I try to farm raths charge blade for the fire.


The Elderseal weapon I tried out was also the maxed out Nergy bow and I was losing about 5-6 damage per arrow for a mechanic that still has to build up and proc for a short period of time, I just couldn’t justify losing that much damage.


Damn that thing whit Bazelgeuse is so true i hate this thing so much in a high Rank Quest xD


So update.

I beat Nergigante, thank you all for the help. I will probably opt to never fight him again but thank you all none the less.

I uncovered Teostra, Kushala Daora, and Vaal Hazak.

I remember hearing about Teostra in older games, and I read that he’s kind of a bitch to fight, so I’m holding off on him till I end Vaal and Kushala.

I heard that Kushala was from the older games, but I’ve honestly never heard of him.

Vaal seemed really interesting to me so I fought him. He’s a lot faster than I thought he’d be. I was doing really well at the beginning, but I quickly fell flat after I broke his head and his legs(?). He sent me back to camp.


Be prepared to stumble a lot for Kushala


Yeah, I read the entry on it in the codex and noticed that a lot of it’s markings on the ground were wind-swept gashes. I’m assuming this things got some powerful wings or something? Sounds annoying.


Kushala Daora outright uses wind to attack and protect himself, including leaving tornadoes around zones for long periods of time and creating a shield of wind around himself that makes hunters stagger.


So because the Game kinda reminds me of Evolve i think the Game is great for Evolve Hunters :stuck_out_tongue:
I hv try to make my fav. Hunter Lennox in the Game what do u think ? ^^ The Name of the Palico is " Jack the Tiger " xD

The Face morph in the Game isnt the best sadly so she didnt looks Perfect ^^

If u have a idea what armor pieces would be great for her to kinda make her Mech suit u can tell it me :slight_smile:


Tbh, Radobaan armor. Closest I’ve seen to looking like a big tank mech.


So what I’ve gathered is…

Teostra lights itself on fire and probably breathes it too.

Kushala Daora has hard iron-like scales and makes twisters.

Vaal Hazak can halve my health (wtf?) and makes zombies (I think?). Oh, and just standing next to him is nasty and grosses out your health bar.

Is that all about right?


Pretty much. Teostra also has an attack where he charges up and explodes. Apparently it’s a one-shot. It hasn’t hit me yet, because it’s super obvious.


It isn’t a guaranteed one shot, but it almost exclusively hits people who have been stunned by a previous attack, so they aren’t topped off to begin with.

That said, probably the only attack currently in that does more damage than Nerg dive bomb.