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And thus begins the process of farming Tempered Elders for the items I need to augment my weapons. Just beat a Teo, got two of his gems but none of the weapon stones.


Easy to farm stones ^^ got three weapon stones but they somehow vanished… v.v Got a shaft hero stone thingy and when I went to upgrade my bow it said I didn’t have it. Dx


Easy to farm for them, just time consuming. Bloody things are rare drops. XD


More rare when they disappear from your inventory. v.v


The only type of endemic life I have left to capture is the Great Gunpowder Fish. I have caught literally everything else. For the past 4 hours I’ve exclusively tried to acquire the great gunpowder fish.

In that time I have, instead of the Great GPF, caught 7 petricanths, a great gastrinome tuna, 2 great whetfish, 2 great sushifish, a great burst arawana, and a great platinumfish. Kill. Me.

Current regular gunpowder fish caught: 112


116 fish later…

I got it. Fuck. Finally have the endemic life guild card background.


Well, Nergigante is the bane of my fucking existence. Any strategies against him? I’m currently trying to upgrade my SnS higher, but I need to farm some Anjanath’s first.


He’s weak to lightning. So lightning weapon will help.

If he rears up and raises his right hand, dodge to your right to avoid the attack. You’ll get hit if you dodge left.

His divebomb will be performed when he has all his spikes grown in and they turn black, when you see him reach that state then sheath your weapon and prepare to perform the dive (sprinting away from the enemy, your character will perform a specific run animation, during which dodging does the dive) if you get caught off guards, do your best to dodge slightly towards him. Make sure to not try to dodge away from it, since he likes to slide along the ground on impact.

Additionally, mega armorskin and demon drug. Super important the first time around.

Also, try to use crystal bursts or flash pods to stop him from getting to his lair when he is limping. His lair gives him all the advantage.


So what I’ve gotten is…

  • Don’t let him be a spiky boi
  • Don’t let him go home unsupervised
  • Do a barrel roll if he is a spiky boi
  • And he has a killer right hook

That about right?


Pretty much. He will grow all his spikes in eventually though, and I’ve seen exceptions to the full spike rule, so be careful regardless.

Also, if he goes into the big open crystal area, there are two ceiling crystals you can drop on him.

Also also, don’t go for a roll, go for a dive. It has full invincibility frames.


Make sure to take some drugs as well!

Also if you’re still having problems with him when I get home I’ll help out.


Okay, see I didn’t know about the crystals on the ceiling. That helps a lot. And I got it, do the big leap to the ground, understood.

I know he regenerates his spikes when you break them off, but does he regenerate his health when he does this too? I believe his codex entry describes him as “healing his wounds”. I’m worried that I’m just not outputting enough damage to compete with his self regen, if that’s the case.


He doesn’t regen health, he only grows back his spikes. ><


Boy, I always have drugs on me. I’ll be fine.

But yeah, I’m home pretty much all day today I think. I might be helping set up a party, I don’t know. I’m getting paid to help out, but I don’t know if it’s still going on, so I’ll see.


I mean, it might be the case, but it is likely minor enough to not matter.

When he does the dive bomb he loses all his spikes as well, so he’s really vulnerable then.


Oof okay, thank you! That takes a huge weight off my shoulders lmao.


Yeah, my biggest issue with SnS and armored monsters like Nergigante are just that I bounce off a lot. That’s useful info, thank you.


@Rapterror if you’re still on trying to defeat Nergigante I’m able to hop on now.


I really wish you could meld majestic horns. I broke both his horns and I capped him and all I got was fangs and two LR Blos horns.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I only have one majestic horn after capping Blos at least 10 times.


Im already working on a Top 10 video of my fav. Monster so far when i finished it i will post it here :slight_smile: The Game has so many awesome Monster Designs i would love to see in a Evolve like Teostra , Vaal Hazak or Radobaan would be amazing to play as ( or Zorah Magdaros … ok bad joke :stuck_out_tongue: )

i really cant wait to see the DLC Monsters ^^