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As Maggie so eloquently puts it. “We are the monsters. We are the monsters” :smiley:



I wish I could edit this topic so I could take Gen off the top post.


Just started farming the standard High Rank Kirin for his armour so I can try to kill him using the Mega Barrel Bomb Strat (because, I’ve quite frankly had enough of Kirin’s shit in general) and feel that he’s about 500% more annoying than usual. ¬_¬
I hate Kirin.


I still see a lot of people stuck at HR 49 because of Kirin. >< Poor hunters…


Got my third character through the story and completed his armor set. So three fashion hunters more or less done.

Now to actually focus on my main again haha.


No I’m cursed. Triple gold investigation of nergigante with all 5 lucky vouchers. I broke his horns. Took his tail, and once again have gotten nothing. Funnily enough after only fighting Kushala thrice times I’ve already gotten two gems. I fought bazel twice and got a gem both times. Keep in mind I’ve fought nerg about 30 times. I feel as though the devs can sense what I want and are withholding it.


Okay, so whilst I had forgotten just how much I hate Kirin I have kind of come up with a strat against him without barrel bombs. Said strat involves a lot of arc-shots, stuns and close-range coatings and powershots. Not the most time-effecient strat, but it’s working for my farming so far.


I need to go in and change all my callouts. Now if only I could remember some of the good ones I came up with in the past games.


I made one of mine simply “Can’t trap.” Because I got annoyed by people putting down multiple Shock Traps while fighting Elders.



I need to make Frieza now.


I lol’d. Actually seeing those other three hunters at the end there was actually hilarious.


Watching my dad fail at MHW, it’s hilarious he thinks the monsters die super fast.


I need to grind up my HR. Anyone want help on Xbox?


I would but my dad is hunting and it’s fun to watch him. If you’re on later or tomorrow I’ll definitely help you out as best as I can.


Will be later for sure.


I’ll be on later as well. Finally back to my main and trying out new weapons so I am more than willing.


The idea of parents that aren’t gamers playing a game like MonHun amuses me.


Nah he’s a gamer. He doesn’t usually play these kinds of games though.