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I fought nerg like 20 times, braking his horns and slicing his tail. I used vouchers and got the legiana buff as well as the poogie buff. Yet I still get nothing. Crippling depression is the only reward he ever gives me.


Pretty sure “Poogie buff” is just superstition lol

What you need to do is, tell the game you want scales. Suddenly, all of your scales will turn into gems. Just ask @DarkMesa


Man. I sure would love to have a horn.

Or 3 gems. That works too.


I feel your pain when farming Val Hazak fangs. Sold extra materials from him to get over a million zenny, but still need fangs lol.


Dx helping people fight nergi is hard. So much carting. x.x


I laughed.


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Just pointing it out, since you had mentioned it almost like it was a definite thing. I mean, the “desire sensor” thing is superstition too, so my suggestion was basically the same thing.


Took down my first tempered elder dragon! ^^;;
And I just got my rocksteady mantle! Augmented my armor and now I have 457 defense. ^^;;


Helped some HR 9 people take down 2 Rathalos, 1 puke pukei? And an anjy. So sad seeing them cart with one little attack. Glad it was in expedition mode ><


This is Savage lol
But I want it :frowning:


The URL has the word clickbait in it… Just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh n/m jokes on me. I read the article :frowning:


What happened? I can’t look at it right now.


Its just a clickbait article slamming Evolve.


That’s radical dude.


More like 2K


“Oh, so I just need a tail from this one elder dragon to be good for making this weapon. Awesome.”

Carves tail. Gets gem.


Hunting Gorgon in Monster Hunter would be so awesome O.O but i want a Evolve Game kinda like Monster hunter More :slight_smile:


I have been complaining that I have not been getting any elder dragon bones from my elder dragon kills on this character. Need them for the Dober armor set but I had only gotten one bone from 4 kills.

Then Teostra gave me 6.


Why not add in the monsters too…