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I feel your pain when farming Val Hazak fangs. Sold extra materials from him to get over a million zenny, but still need fangs lol.


Dx helping people fight nergi is hard. So much carting. x.x


I laughed.


Just pointing it out, since you had mentioned it almost like it was a definite thing. I mean, the “desire sensor” thing is superstition too, so my suggestion was basically the same thing.


Took down my first tempered elder dragon! ^^;;
And I just got my rocksteady mantle! Augmented my armor and now I have 457 defense. ^^;;


Helped some HR 9 people take down 2 Rathalos, 1 puke pukei? And an anjy. So sad seeing them cart with one little attack. Glad it was in expedition mode ><


This is Savage lol
But I want it :frowning:


The URL has the word clickbait in it… Just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh n/m jokes on me. I read the article :frowning:


What happened? I can’t look at it right now.


Its just a clickbait article slamming Evolve.


That’s radical dude.


More like 2K


“Oh, so I just need a tail from this one elder dragon to be good for making this weapon. Awesome.”

Carves tail. Gets gem.


Hunting Gorgon in Monster Hunter would be so awesome O.O but i want a Evolve Game kinda like Monster hunter More :slight_smile:


I have been complaining that I have not been getting any elder dragon bones from my elder dragon kills on this character. Need them for the Dober armor set but I had only gotten one bone from 4 kills.

Then Teostra gave me 6.


Why not add in the monsters too…


As Maggie so eloquently puts it. “We are the monsters. We are the monsters” :smiley:



I wish I could edit this topic so I could take Gen off the top post.


Just started farming the standard High Rank Kirin for his armour so I can try to kill him using the Mega Barrel Bomb Strat (because, I’ve quite frankly had enough of Kirin’s shit in general) and feel that he’s about 500% more annoying than usual. ¬_¬
I hate Kirin.