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I didn’t realize how old the post was until after I replied. Lol


Just got myself 3 Bird Wyvern Gems from one Kulu-Ya-Ku. Damn, RNG. Why do you give me these things when I don’t need them?

EDITL Welp, got another 2 gems from the last 2 Kulu-Ya-Ku I needed to hunt for the weekly bounty. That’s 5 Gems over 3 hunts.


Why are some of my completed quests blue but others are orange? X.x


If you have completed all the quests available for that tier of quest the [completed] will be orange. If it is blue you have some you haven’t done that you have not unlocked/accepted.


Which can be arena quests, if you haven’t captured every monster yet.


Took down tempered kirin Dx 0 faints. My heart is racing. HR 50 now. ^^;;


I like the changes they did to Kirin, but you can still bounce on everything which annoys me.

Also we need Rajang to have a turf war with Kirin or have him carrying a dead Kirin like Odogaron would carry a Legiana. If he ever comes to this game that is.


Grrr ><


That feel when you’re trying ot help a mate farm for a Rathalos Ruby and you end up getting 2 Rubies over 2 hunts whilst he gets none.


I wish you could give out gems. ><


Welp, Tempered Kirin is just artificial difficulty; the boss. Not a fun fight whatsoever.


Are you using the lightning mantle over other options?

I found it really easy (especially wiht others). Just need to have down the same tactics for fighting it normally and be careful when engaging.


tbh he was absolutely fine until he started taking me to the small zones where his AoEs were able to fill a good chunk of the zone. I didn’t think to bring the lightning mantle with me, but I did think that dung pods might help, as well, so that I can force him into more open areas where I have more room to dodge his AoEs.


Been farming nergigante for so long but still haven’t gotten any gems. What do I need to do to get his investigations? I’m just getting Dora investigations from him.


Found you ><


Ha. Well, I’ve not made it hard, I have linked to a number of videos I’ve posted already. xP


I defeated nergi 30 times and have gotten 7 gems, just keep trying. ^^;;


It’ll happen sooner or later, if you’ve not got any investigations for him use some of the vouchers you get for logging in daily, that tends to help.

I’ve killed Nergy 8 times and have 3 gems. xP


You lucky mother…


Yeah, the desire sensor is real, mate! I don’t need, or want, the gems so I’m getting them like sweets. The second I start needing/wanting them they stop dropping for me altogether.