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The shield crutch is real :stuck_out_tongue:


If you use all three mod spots for shield, it is as effective as the Lance shield. So that doesn’t surprise me.


With this monster. I don’t think I’ve used it once with any other monster I’ve fought before. Not using it has probably severely limited me, but I digress.


So, if I were to go ahead with the idea that I start a new character with the intention of using a weapon I don’t normally use what weapon would people want to see my try to learn?

All ranged centric excluded, for obvious reasons.


Personally? I want you to experience the greatness of the hammer.
Im thinking of doing a Cloud run through with a buster sword lol.



Me personally, after I beat the campaign with my main (SnS), I’m gonna restart the process with a Hunting Horn. Maybe a Lance.


Welp, just completed my Tempered Rathian investigation 5 times so I could complete one of my weekly bounties, and I just want to thank the MVP of all 5 hunts; Anjanath, for putting in some serious work.


Geez, there’s an Event quest right now where you hunt 5 monsters. Great Jagras, Pukei Pukei, Tobi Kadachi, Anjanath, and Rathalos. Talk about a marathon.


That’s really easy though. ><


Still a Marathon lol If you get them to fight each other, probably no real risk though.


Completed every single optional quest currently in the game earlier. Final optional quest is quite likely my favorite.


Was doing a great hunting investigation for black blos and normal blos, I knew they had a turf war together but what I didn’t know what that normal blos can win the turf war as well. I thought only black blos could win that turf war.



Almost all movies are just loosely based on the source media.


Wrong thread?


No he was responding to me talking about that terrible looking MH movie that hopefully gets canceled.


I didn’t realize how old the post was until after I replied. Lol


Just got myself 3 Bird Wyvern Gems from one Kulu-Ya-Ku. Damn, RNG. Why do you give me these things when I don’t need them?

EDITL Welp, got another 2 gems from the last 2 Kulu-Ya-Ku I needed to hunt for the weekly bounty. That’s 5 Gems over 3 hunts.


Why are some of my completed quests blue but others are orange? X.x