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Hunting for the rare pets rn… I have no life…


Sorry, I’m not getting on tonight. I offer this as compensation:


Killed Vaal and Teo! Now all I have to do is kill Kushala then I’m at the final boss! Super excited to finally have beaten the game! However… after I do so there is still a lot more to do. I feel I need to make the best Insect Glaive set before I can put it down till spring…


HR 40 yay. ^^;;



Got myself Nergy’s bow and his chestplate. Getting that second tail ended up being more tedious than I would have liked. XD


Just beat Kushala. He’s almost as annoying as the last game! I’m glad they didn’t add back Dragon wind.


Just defeated the final boss and I got his gem! I think it’s my favorite boss in the game as I feel it’s as close as we’ll get to MHF, unless they release it here of course.

Edit: anyone on Xbox wanna farm Nergigante? Tryin to get his IG upgrade


I was killing Rathalos for the limited time bounty and a Rathian was in the area. She kinda fucked things up cause I mounted her but she then did an attack and killed Rathalos lol.


Good Lord, trying to fight Kushala Daora in the sleeping area of Elder’s Recess is all kinds of unreasonable, half the bloody zone ends up covered in tornadoes.


Yep. It’s pretty imperative that you stop him from getting to it. Why I save crystal bursts just for when he tries to flee to his nest.


Yeah, I see that now. Only cart was due to him getting to that area, otherwise he wasn’t too bad (though, I have a feeling that my High Elderseal stat helped a lot) I probably could have prevented that cart if I’d remembered to switch my Palico’s tool back to Vigorwasp Spray from Flashfly Cage, but eh, the odd additional stun still proved useful.

Got his tail because of it, though.


I fought every elder dragon with plunder blade. I have to wonder how much better I would have done without it haha.


Dem loots too good to give up lol.


I consider it really nice for progressing through the campaign because you get armor more efficiently. After that I think farming using other tools is more efficient, since the drops you will get from plunder blade will be something you have in no short supply when you go for gems and plates.


And I just beat Xeno’jiiva carted once whilst getting used to his moves, but he wasn’t to bad. Actually kind of liked his design.


HR is going up so slowly x.x


Anywho! Methinks it’s about time for me to start co-opping it up to farm and raise HR, etc.


i hv beat XenoJiiva like 7 times today because i really wanted to get his Armor and the Hammer ( I finally got it ) and because i realy love to fight him he is 1 of the coolest Endboss ever :slight_smile: But yeah i really must say if u hv good Armor, good Teammates and know his Moves he is really very easy and not so hard like i hv trough :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyays i love Xenojiivas Design and Moves for me he is my 2nd fav. Elder Dragon in the Game my NR. 1 Elder Dragon so far is Vaal Hazak ^^

My most hated Monster to fight against is Kushala Daora damn i hate this Tornados -.-


Agree with all of this. I think he has one of the coolest designs, up there with Vaal. But I honestly get more of a fight from a jagress. No not great jagress, I meant what I said. :sunglasses: