Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


Hopefully not, but I don’t get off work for another two hours from now, takes 30 minutes to drive home, and I usually eat before getting on. So you know.


My Uraagon is named “Bob” in Monster Hunter: Stories :behemoth:


You’re fine! You don’t need to explain why you can’t be on until then.


Fuck yes! I just got a Bazelgeuse gem!

Now all I need are some Carapace and I’ve finished my… can I even call it a mixed set? I mean the only thing I’ve replaced is the chest so I can have Mounting Mastery…


Enable the samurai skin and then no it’s not a mixed set LOL.


I don’t have the Samurai skin ;-; couldn’t afford to get the deluxe version


Just beat Bazel for the first time without fainting!


MHW update. >< looks like slicing got nerfed.


After seeing the video Team Darkside put up of them basically stunlocking a Rathian to death with Silicing Ammo, I’m not all that surprised. XD


Capcom is one point with update promptness. It’s impressive.


That’s good I kept hearing it made even Bazel super easy to fight.


Fought regular Kirin. ^^;;


Once I finish getting my set done I’ll try to hunt Nerg


Just beat Nergigante first try no deaths! He wasn’t that hard tbh tho. If you stay at a range and only attack when he’s done attacking he’s cake. There were a few close calls tho.

Edit: oh shit Nergigante’s Insect glaive… it has a good amount of blue… I need it…


Agreed. Just go in prepared, and don’t be stupid.


Imma be taking down those three elder dragons! But first I need to farm out Nergigante’s IG.


Not long taken down Teo, he was far harder than I was expecting. Methinks I’ll have to farm myself a High Elderseal weapon (Nergy bow) since I had to be pinpoint accurate whilst trying to dodge all the shit that was going on at the same time, made for a mission in of itself.

In other news, this is interesting and I didn’t connect the dots until it was pointed out in this video.


@Chromatic_Blue you wanna farm Nergigante with me? I know you are busy so if you can’t that’s fine.


I’d also like to mention that at this point the game has shipped 6million copies, so the likelihood of a G-Rank style update coming somewhere down the line is very high right now.


I wouldn’t even care if G-rank was Dlc as long as it is as long as the last games