Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


You can shoot the inactive ones to make them explode prematurely. If you are with melee hunters you can help them a lot by clearing them out (just make sure you don’t cart your friendlies)


Oh, I know. I used that to my advantage in an Uragaan fight where Bazel would not leave us alone.


AKA a fight with bagel goose in the same area.


Guess I’ll just cheese him with flashfly gadget for four traps. His scales don’t seem to scatter when he’s in a trap, even while enraged.

I’ll also stop immediately sending the other away with a dung pod. Didn’t even know they’d fight each other.


Caught me off guard when I went to do the quest. Made it a hell of a lot easier.


Just beat the boss. He was a bit easier than I expected, to be honest. Even with the discovery that his lasers are unblockable.


He isn’t super difficult, but I think he is a pretty enjoyable fight and feels distinctly “final boss”-y.


Fair enough. I got strong Midir vibes from him, except he was slower.


I agree with the bow suggestions. Also bring lots of flash pods to drop them out of the sky.


I just started taking down Legiana and only recently unlocked the Rotten Vale.
And I thought I was playing a lot… lol


I capped a Bazel and found out he doesn’t even have an IG ;-; oh well. I’ll make his parts into armor for my cat as it needs an armor upgrade and I’ll try Nerg!


He gives ear plugs though it’s pretty nice.


Yeah ear plugs is nice but everything else is pretty much useless for me


Agreed. That’s why I just took his pants and earplug charm lol.


I’m definitely going at least part Uraagon set for my lance, haven’t decided on a set for my HBG. Possibly Xeno though.

Will be farming some Azure Rathalos tonight. Need a ruby too.


Earplug charm? He drops that? D:


Charms don’t drop. But it might need his parts to make it.

I know one of his armor pieces has the skill though.


Anyone on Xbox wanna help me farm Bazel? I just noticed that I can wear part of his armor and still have mounting mastery so I really want his earplugs and soul skill


If you are still going for it in like 4 hours, then I can.


Prolly not for four hours lol