Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


Oh yay. Caught a great gastronome tuna.


Gonna be extra prepared for this Anjanath and Pink Rathian fight. Made more tranq bombs, more traps, Buffs, mega barrel bombs, and some max potions.


Pro tip for people going through the campaign, capture everything you fight. Part of the low tier optional quests are fighting the things you cap for the first in the arena. You only get full completion of something once you’ve fought each monster in the arena.


Welp, whilst helping a mate of mine get some HR Rathian materials and I get a Rathian Ruby. I don’t need it, so of course I get it.


Finally able to hunt Nergigante! However, I am going to try to farm Seregios’ variant for a little bit to see how good his stuff is.


i hv got the Game ( it is my first Monster Hunter ever ) and yeah i freaking love it :slight_smile: That Game gives me really some Evolve feeling back ^^ The gameplay and grinding is really fun the Monsters looks awesome and i really would love to see a Evolve kinda like this xD

Im already Rank 15 and on the Quest for the Final Boss :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah what is u guys fav. Monster so far ? My fav. Monster is " Radobaan " :slight_smile: i dont know why but i really love the design of him and yeah it kinda reminds me of Behemoth xD


Nergigante and Rathalos are my favorite ^^;;


Hmph hmph hmph! My sister kept teasing me about mhw, so I let her play and she lost to normal anjanath with all my weapons and armor. Dx


Has anyone fought the two tempered bazels for the assigned quest at hr 29? Need some tips. My defense is high, alongside my blast resist yet they’re still doing 3/4 of my health with one of their blast scales. Ends up in me getting all of my health chunked into a CC death every time.

Do I need to just cheese them with traps while they’re enraged for 90% of the fight?


Definitely use the vitality mantle whenever possible. And try to get the two of them to fight. They have less health since it is a double hunt, and they can do half the damage necessary to beat them just fighting one another one or two time.

Other than that you really need to get used to avodiing the scales. Which isn’t that hard. I recommend not even engaging them when they are enraged. Just let them wear themselves out and then attack between enrages.


It sucks because they seem to be enraged for most of the fight. Guess I’ll just wait them out then.


I used a bow to take them down. ^^;; You have to be very careful with your shots but with some patience you’ll take one down and only have to deal with one.

HR 38 today. Haven’t been raising my rank, just farming for gems. Now I have 5 rarity 8 weapons, yay ^^;;


It’s really just a matter of patience. Hell, as a dual blade I’m used to just dodging around enraged enemies until they calm down.


I’m only just at the point where I need to hunt the three Elders, but tis prospect scares me,


It’s not really that hard, they usually just fight each other they just need a little “help” attacking each other while you watch from a safe distance.


What’s your weapon type? They aren’t super hard as long as you make sure to down potions.


How does enrage even work? If you keep fighting them while enraged does it extend their enrage timer?


It goes away after a bit. Seems like after taking a certain amount of damage they become enraged. Attacking them doesn’t seem to extend it though.


As far as I can tell they either have specific time limits for the duration of it, or it plays off of their stamina. I know that if you make them attack enough while enraged a lot of the time you will get the opportunity to get some free hits in when they tire out after it is over.


I’m a bow main, so I feel I’ll likely have an easier time than most melee weapons. But Bazel does enjoy his explosions and attacks that cover the distance of more or less entire zones.