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Ha, I actually used to be not terrible with that.

Not sure what I’ll go for yet. Maybe SnS, (Gun)Lance or IG… Or hammer.

I’ve also just gotten another Wyvern Gem from Lavasioth… Why do I get heaps of them when I’m not after them?


Seeing you try to figure out how to efficiently use IG would be cringy but hilarious

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You do remember that I’m actually pretty good at MonHun, right? >.>


I said Effectively, IG is not a simple hack n slash weapon.


That’s just min/maxing.

When you reach hunter rank 49 you are able to augment armor and break the upgrade limit on it.


Welp, just capped my first Azure Rathalos (which I swear they’ve made about 500% more annoying with how quickly he’s able to get off-screen and attack you) but damn was it worth it. Got a Rathalos Ruby!


He is like normal Rathalos, but love to hit you all the time.

I just fucked one up though. Refreshing since my first one fucked me up.


I felt as though he was able to get off screen and then attack me far faster than the regular could.


He’s just more aggressive. Normal Rathalos will fly around a bunch occasionally attacking. Azure will fly around a bunch attacking constantly. You’ll feel it more.

Flash pods are your best friend, and environmental hazards always help.


You can have 2 tailriders and your palico.


Ayy L(egiana ge)MAO


And just killed Nergy! Failed the quest once due to some stupidity on my part, but went in again and got through with no carts. Even carved a gem! My luck seems to be amazing right now. XD

Had one amazing moment where he started limping, zoned and went for his divebomb attack the second I zoned. Knowing exactly what to expect I already had a flashpod in my slinger, said “lolno” and got him with it, knocking him right out of the sky!


Augment armor?


Still trying to get that gem ;-;


Did you already do all of the critical bounties? You can get a gold wyverian print you can meld into any gem you want.

Personally I wouldn’t waste it on something like an anjanath, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


I don’t think I have all of them unlocked yet…

Your confusing me with someone else lol. I want a Wyvern gem to finish my Palumu set. Now that I think of it tho… it’s a little silly. I guess I can try to go without it.


looks at his 4 Wyvern Gems
Ahh, sure is nice I have a collection that I don’t really need right now.


Ohp. My bad.

I finally got a my first wyvern gem I needed. I actually need some more, but having been actively farming.

This is how I feel about my 7 bird wyvern gems.


Whispers I will kill you in your sleep


The desire sensor is real!