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Finally! 29 attempts of both kill and capture and i finally got the gem. Never gonna fight anja again


Inb4 G rank is added and Anjanath is an urgent.


You know, whenever G Rank does get added I’m half expecting them to make a Great Jagras Subspecies that’s insanely powerful just so they can make people go “wtf!?” when they initally thought: “Ahh, it’s just a Great Jagras!” XD


What’s G rank? O.o


So Kirin is bullshit. That is all


G Rank is the rank above High Rank. Monsters tend to hit harder, last longer and have yet more new attacks. Whilst hunter Armour, weapons, items and skills also tend to get better.


Who’s kirin? O.o

Stronger than tempered monsters? D:

My defense is still really low x.x it’s only 390 ish. Don’t think I could do G rank without getting better armor.


If what I’ve seen so far is anything to go by they’re about the same kind of strength.

Well, there would be G Rank armour and weapons, as well. So it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. xP
Hell, in Freedom Unite I was capable of soloing G Rank with the bow, which was far weaker back then than it is now.


Oh, then they’re as good as dead. ^^;;


That’s really not low. Totally viable end game level defense. (at least for the current end game)


Here’s what I’m using. Any tips/suggestions? Thought it was alright till I see some people (ahem @alice ) using a 390 armor set.


I think your fine with that armor. Final Boss armor may be that high defense. She did say she got it.

Does anyone know if you can get a second Palico or can the first one have two abilities? I swore I saw a video where he had two Palico abilities to use.


Idk about 2 different abilities. But if you level up a gadget you get 2 skills for that tool. Like plunderblade and palarang, or vigorwasp station and delivery.


Your Palico gets another ability out of their tool as their level with it increases. Vigorwasp Spray, for example gets Vigorwasp Station while Plunderblade gets Palarang and so on.


I like how you both made the same examples. Also thanks for letting me know!


Dx this guy had 480 on YouTube


Nergi armor, xeno brings me up to 420+ I think. +20 if I use the zora hammer.


Oh okay, thanks for correcting me :stuck_out_tongue:


You know, I’ve recorded practically nothing of my time with MHW so far. Been thinking that I might start a new character in order to use a weapon I’m not all that used to and record that.


Use Great Sword :smiling_imp:

I’ll probably start streaming once I finish my Palumu set.