Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


I’m about to buy the game right now, and hopefully it’ll be done downloading in about an hour. Any tips or suggestions? I want to use SnS.

For clarification, I have played Monster Hunter before, but only one, and that was Tri. I do know some of the monsters in here already.


Do investigations that have two gold slots. >< I got all my gems from investigations.


Get to high tier quickly. That’s where the real game is, but getting there still takes some effort.



For clarification let me expain that I didn’t need a bird wyvern gem and was only farming Puki to upstage his IG. Of course I get something I don’t need/want ;-;

Edit: I’m also almost ready to fight HR Anj and Pink Rathian… JUST NEED THAT DAMN GEM!


I keep forgetting you’re on Xbox… if need any help with anything let me know or someone else. I’m pretty sure everyone here is willing to help if you need it :slight_smile:


You’ll probab’y end up needing that gem for a higher level IG, like I did for one of my Archer’s Dance bows.


Idk Why but i fucking love Vaal Hazzak He’s for sure my favorite elder dragon


That was mainly a joke post lol. Yeah I hope I would need one later on so I can look back and be like “So it wasn’t a troll”


Thanks budddddddy. I’m leaving rn to go pick up some stuff for Winter Formal, but when I get home it should be done downloading.


Been in high rank for about 3 days now and have been farming Anja for 2 days. My luck is shit.


Aren’t you on xbox? I could probably see about helping you out sometime.


Why are you farming anja?


Nah, PlayStation player here. Maybe if you got the PlayStation we could play sometime.

@Alice i need that stupid Anja gem so i can upgrade my speed eating charm.


Oh. Also I see you on our ps4 too. ^^;;


I’m similarly on PSQuadruple. Once I get myself past Nergigante I might very well start looking for some people to co-op it up with.


Hey, if you’re down to party up i would gladly accept. I need some people to roll with


Nergi is super easy just stay behind him. ^^;;

Yay ^^;;


Ah, I already soloed him in the Beta, the only difference this time is that the bow I’m going to use will not be able to use blast coatings. xP


How could you replace me so easily Cries in corner


Gasp double standards, bro!