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I’m doing that quest right now. ^^;;


It shows up after an optional quest iirc. I did it when I was still at a 5 star rating.


Ugh all I need is a wyvern gem and then I can complete the Luma set. To bad this game can tell when I want something so I never get it ;-;


I’ve beeen needing two to try and go for a Xeno’Jiiva or maybe a different dual blade set. Not sure.


I got the xeno set. ^^;; yay.


Prolly gonna farm Jyuratodus tomorrow since he can drop a wyvern gem


I prefer Barroth for farming it. Feels like he dies quicker and is less tedious.


Yeah, that quest for Kirin is really oddly placed.


Two kids in my class were talking about MHW and how big Zora is. I went over and talked with and and told them about Big Snek. They seemed slightly interested. Smh don’t get excited over Zora he’s nothing compared to Dal.


I’ll try Barroth then. However I can almost always break all parts on Mudslioth so that’s why I was gonna farm him as I can get a decent amount of parts to sell from him.

Do you know which one? Kirin has an a good lightning IG that I want.


Welp, Kirin wasn’t particularly difficult (probably thanks to the fact I’m completely decked out in HR gear at this point) but I forgot just how irritating it can get to hit him due to his small size and fast movement.


Yeah well try being a melee weapon user and bouncing off of EVERY SINGLE PART EXCEPT THE HEAD WHICH IS THE HARDEST TO HIT CAUSE HE ATTACKS WITH HIS HEAD ALL THE TIME.! Ahem… Unless they changed him that is…


Fastest nergi time. >< Also he dropped another gem, yay. ^^;;


I wish I had that luck with the wyvern gem…


I’ve got 3 Wyvern Gems at this point. Got lucky whilst co-opping with a mate and one of his mates And got a drop from a Barroth and then I thing Mudsioth a little bit later.


This is my luckiest one. Now I do the slay nergi in 15 minutes investigations now because they have two gold slots. ^^;;


Remember that investigations have limited uses before they disappear!


Funny. ^^;;


Soo, i am under the impression the Anjanath Gem doesn’t even exist in the game. 24 kills, 9 plates, and still no gem. Someone please prove me wrong.


Drop rate seems to be arouns 5% so to be honest your luck is just a little bad atm compared to how much time it could take.

You are doing it in high tier, right?