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And now my seemingly neverending quest for gems requires me to get myself an Odogaron Gem so I can level my charm up to level 2.



I too need one of those for that reason. But I don wanna.


How do you level up your charms???


YEAH! Got my gem!

Via the upgrade equipment option at the smithy.


Ohhhh. I never knew charms were useful Dx


I was just waiting on one I would find suited my playstyle. Constitution+ seems like a good fit right now. Pity I’ve got to get past Nergigante to max it out. XD


Ahhh. Luna is scared of the dual blades too. Hiding behind me in her xeno armor ^^;;


Welp, just got done capping a HR Kulu-Ya-Ku for some hides. Got a Gem as well… Not complaining.


Reached 100 hours! ^^;; I named my hunter and based her off my big sister to spite her. >< she hates MHW. My little sister made a character but got bored almost an hour in and gave up Dx


Fought fat seregios last night. Even though I died twice cause I still had low rank gear it was super fun. I personally like this guy a lot more than PickleJho as while they’re both a hard fight PickleJho is just a hassle to kill and this guy is just super fun.

Edit: I kinda like the nerf they gave to the Insect Glaive. I mean yeah it means I have to change my style a little (which I already have) but it was really needed. If you don’t know the Insect Glaive is more of a fast attacking, dodging, and arial attacking weapon. The nerf it got was that leaping into the air depletes stamina now. I feel it’s a good thing as it’s the ultimate mounting weapon. Even gaining a new ability to attack the monster while moving from part during a mount. Heh all you plebeians holding onto the monster while I just move to a different part and still dish out damage. Anyways, I really like the changes to the weapon, except the kinsect changes… more on that later tho.

Edit 2: I’m prolly gonna hunt Palumu as my starting set instead cause Zora doesn’t wanna pop up for me. I’ve been on so many expeditions that I already have all the Pink Rathian stuff so when I go and beat Anjanath I can fight her. I also might ask for some help from you guys if you don’t mind when I do fight her.


What’s your guys’ preferred weapon choice? I’ve only ever played Tri before, and I mained Sword & Shield. That was before Insect Glaive and whatnot though, and there’s been other changes to preexisting weapons as well, so I’m just wondering what I should use when I get this game.


Insect Glaive is always my go to. However sometimes I’ll use Charge Blade or Bow.

If you used SnS then use that when you get the game. SnS is always a forgiving weapon and good for starters of a new game or even the series.


I use the dual blades! Love them!

Not a whole lot of SnS users in the game I have found. Everyone goes for the flashier alternatives, though I think it looks pretty nice.


I used the heavy long bow through most of the campaign, but then I grabbed the hammer and it’s so much fun.

I would at least have 2 main weapons. One ranged and one up close and personal.


That feel when you go hunt a Rathalos for materials to upgrade a weapon and end up spending several minutes dodging both him and a Rathian. Feelsbadman.


I thought Zora’s Weapons would be fire but they’re blast. He afflicts no blast blight that I know of though…


I believe only one enemy in the game inflicts blast blight to begin with.

Fighting two tempered Bagel Geese for a hunt became a lot easier when I realized they’ll fight eachother.


Farming Palumu rn


Ha, just capped a Rathalos and just as the quest ended and my hunter took out his notebook the Rathian turned up whilst my hunter was smirking and flipping through his notes.


Why would I just now get the Kirin quest, when his armor is obsolete by this point? It’s like half the armor rating.

It’s literally ranked as a 5* quest. Only upside is it gives a chance at more rare drops.