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I use a great sword x.x never ever see go up


Scoff well maybe if I was a coward and used a bow as well I wouldn’t need high rank armor!


I defeated three elder dragons! ^^;; They were all pretty easy… except Teo. Val was just annoying x.x



I considered Teostra the hardest ED in terms of actual difficulty. Nerg is difficult because of his damage output, but the others just have mechanics that are annoying to deal with.


Sooooooo… Final boss gem drops must not be uncommon. Because in the 3 kills of him I’ve done… I’ve gotten 5.


I just beat him too!


Nothing cowardly about the bow, since it’s a mid-range weapon at aboslute most. xP


I’d say mid range is a lot more cowardly than close range. ;p


Not when one mistake tends to get you killed in high rank. xP


You mean those same mistakes that close range weapons have to deal with up close?


Being mid-range is stil well within the reach of the majority of the game’s monsters.


Oh my goodness!!!


Oh nice. I farmed until I got the one, but I didn’t want anything else from him so I haven’t fought him since.


How do you farm zeno?


Do quests until you get the option to do the last quest again the same way you can farm Zorah Magderos. After you’ve gotten the repeat you can search for him again to join an SOS.


Thank you. ^^;; Also just made two rank 8 weapons. They’re so pointy and scary looking. Dx


I love my devastation claws.

Next I am going for either the Xeno’jiiva set of dual blades, or a different rarity 8 weapon. Just need to farm for wyvern gems.


Nergi claws look sooo scary. v.v


They are actually comically oversized in their own way. But they fit my character theme and they are good so I dig them.