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Nergi dual swords, charge blade,insect glaive or long sword? Dx


Finally got Legiana’s plate!


All of them are decent. Pick the weapon type you like the most. Nergi weapon will probably be your go to for the next 5-10 hours until you get the other elder dragon drops.


I thought nergi had the best weapons?


I think his longsword looks really cool. Not as big a fan of his glaive. Don’t remember his charge blade.

I made his dual blade, and honestly they look silly. I do like them though.

His set can progress to be one of the highest tier weapons sets. Each weapon has 4-7 sets or so that are all roughly on par.


Just beat Diablos. Of course right when he’s limping away people start joining…


Best all around, and the best if you don’t want to farm for one of each element.


Whoa… dual blades are sooooo fast Dx


Yeah you basically go straight god of war with the dual blades lol

That’s when you pull out the shock trap and tranqs :stuck_out_tongue:

Final boss longsword is one of the best. Legiana is also top notch just for how sleek it looks.


Oooo, charged blade is good too.


XD my sister edited my shout outs, so when I mount a monster I say “Do it now piccolo!”

@DarkMesa What does Nergi set do? I don’t think mine works. x.x


You can always take a look at the skill set if you have it equipped or if you look at it when you go to the smith, you probably already know that tho if you didn’t I hope this helped!

I’m bored of hunting alone! MH games are always fun with friends… to bad Nasha is being a jerk and on PS4. That good for nothing!


Gonna farm out Zora for his armor. I’ll use it as my starting set for high rank.


scoffs I’m still wearing 3 pieces of low rank armour! Get on mah level!


Nergi armor and that cool eye patch. ^^;;


nergigante armor set bonus is health steal on hit. But it doesn’t proc 100% of the time. Depends on your weapon type and other factors I believe.


It never seems to heal me x.x


Do you have the full set or just some of it?


4 out of 5 parts. No helmet. Dx


Must just be a pretty small proc chance. Faster weapons have it happen at a lower chance as well. Perhaps the benefit is minor enough that you don’t notice it in combat.