Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


Rathalos in Japan has a difference name. I’m pretty sure it means Lion King or something like that.


Nice. I figured this was the reason. First PC title and wanting to get it right and not just shoved out :slight_smile:


But I don’t understand. It sounds like the multiplayer is their hang-up, and aversion to using Steam. If they go with Steam services that would take a lot of their learning curve problems away. 'Course I want the cleanest release possible…I don’t know all the politics involved but I am sure there is Steam red tapery to be had that we don’t see.


Or they don’t like/want steam. As long as they don’t create an Origin or whatever Ubicrap uses… I can’t even recall now.


I am eager to know the system specs too, but we wont have that till closer to release.


To be fair, that could be the exact reason they don’t want to go through Steam. Perhaps they want to do it on their own terms and learn from it?


Kirin’s back!


Noooooooooo, I fucking hate Kirin!!


Well, at least he’s not Plessy.


I like fighting Plessy more cause at least I don’t bounce every other hit


That’s why you go for Kirin’s head, it’s about the only vulnerable point he has. xP


Yeah I’ll work on that while getting domed by lightning lol


Hunting Bow masterrace, bro!


I’ve actually been meaning to say that so far the Yian Kut Ku has the cutest Kinship Attack in the game. Nods


Too damn excited for this game. January… Is… Progressing… At… Half… The… Speed… Of… Smell…




I also view it as a good thing.


It’s most likely for the ultimate best, overall…but…I am still glad I have an XBox right now.
…also glad because MH games give FREE DLC.


I’ll be more than happy to join for a few hunts on Xbox.