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That’ll be because I’m a ninja, boyo! ninja sneaks





And here’s the breakdown of the rest of the info that took place in the recent stream, including the date for the third and final beta. Which, for whatever reason, is only on the PS4 again.


What’s the deal with the betas being PS4 exclusive? I can see the first one, sure, but all 3?


Money from Sony probly


What Tiger said. Even the earliest installments were primarily Sony based so I’m sure hey have some sort of relationship.


At least they are adding something to this one. Nergigante hunt.


Only 17 more days guys!


I sense trouble on day one for Xbox users…there should have at least been one beta on that platform. I really hope they run betas for the PC to work out the kinks. I guess it’s no biggie though if you plan to hunt solo for a while though.


Games can be released without having betas. I don’t know why there is a huge recent surge of must play betas for a game to be considered good. The only real difference in the 2 systems is performance, which is easy enough to test in house, and server issues with microsoft, of which the hierarchy wouldn’t be much more different than the ones sony would use. I wouldn’t worry about it tbh. Now, the PC one might happen anyway just because the architecture and system requirements are so different.

A good example is how the footage from XBone PubG from months ago looked like crap and it is still crap and some games that don’t have betas at all release just fine. I think it’s more of a publisher that knows what they are doing versus someone who doesn’t than it is about having it tested for all audiences.


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Autumn for PC release…think I’m gonna cry…


I’m planning on picking this up along with my friends. First MH game I’ll have owned.


I’ve been playing Monster Hunter Stories over the past few days and have found myself enjoying it. Typically I don’t like it when a game’s combat is built around a rock, paper, scissors system but Stories makes it work very well.





The game is really a gem! It has a good amount of content and the story I think is really well done. All of the monsties look amazing and I like how you can modify their genes to give them the attack and other skills you want for battle.

Also, I just found out there is an English dubbed anime TV show of Monster Hunter Stories on YouTube and been watching that, heh. Some characters had voices much like how I envisioned in my ind, while others not so much…like Navirou. Also, not sure why some monsties are named different like the Rathalos…they call them Leo-lay-is instead, and instead of calling your monstie Ratha, they call is Lais.

I enjoy Monster Hunter Stories so much I try to encourage others to play it. I know it’s not like other MH games due to the mechanics, but I think it’s a great gateway game into MH, especially for past Pokemon fans. Also, streamers can stream this one since Nintendo doesn’t own Monster Hunter, so that’s a plus too.


This seems to lean on MHW not being run through Steam? I figured it would have, now not so certain.


That might have something to do with the fact that Rathalos has a different name in the Japanese versions of MonHun. And even then, the name you’ve just given sounds like a bit of a mistranslation on their part.