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Thats a bit ways off. Looks like I’ll be waiting on this one for a bit. That isn’t too bad. I think I’ll be busy with some other titles in the next couple months.


Ugh yeah I just saw a tweet saying it was coming out fall 2018 sigh

Always nice seeing just how much an afterthought PC is to certain devs/publishers.


Well, at least this means the game is less likely to launch in a similar state to MKX and Arkham Knight on the PC.


This :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure that they don’t want their first merge to PC with their main title to have issues. I know it sucks to wait, but good on them for wanting to put out something nice and not just a crappy port :smiley:


Xbox one was an after thought as well. So was putting it in the US as well. It was going to originally just be in Japan on the PS4.


and the vast majority of people will just buy it on console so the PC community will be tiny because majority of people won’t wait and there aren’t save transfers or crossplay.

Still manages to release at the same time as the PS4 though.


I doubt it. I know plenty of people that will wait. Not everyone HAS to buy it for a console straight away if they plan to go on to PC, and even if they DO buy it for console, the time length is so long that they can afford to buy it again if they really wanted to.


I don’t know much about these things but I’ll guess that’s because they’re similar. I think that is. PC is a lot more different as it can a lot of things that Console can’t.


It’s still gonna drastically reduce the PC playerbase by delaying it for a minimum of 8 months.

And lose all of the stuff they grinded for on consoles.

Consoles are basically hardware limited PCs nowadays.


Even IF it did, it’s not like it’s an MMO where playerbase means that much.

Which is a choice if they want to or not, some like starting over, and even if not, I don’t think it’s any different then if it WAS released at the same time. People that are going to buy now are impulse buyers and won’t be around in 8 months most likely anyway because they are addicted to ‘new and shiny things’. I’ve yet to see a delay on PC, or Consoles, when release dates were separated that made such a significant difference in player base as to mention here.

While I agree with this, more people are happier with consoles than PCs. Less to maintain, just plug and play. PCs have to be taken care of.


Unless you want to do group hunts but don’t have any friends that are willing to wait 8+ months

You’re acting like it’s coming out a couple weeks later to a month later. It’s coming out at the earliest 2/3 of year later. Might be even longer than their estimate.

I’m not shitting on people owning consoles I’m just saying there isn’t that big of a difference anymore.


Do you really think the game will have so low a playerbase that you can’t even find a group to play with?

And look at PubG, plenty of people are on XBox and that was a year+ between releases. The thing is that it won’t matter when it comes out, people will buy it for the console they prefer regardless. Look at Dead by daylight, also a SIGNIFICANT delay between PC and Consoles. I don’t think it’s quite so dire as you might believe it to be.

People will still choose what works best for them. We also don’t know PC might have that console won’t or they might even have a ‘migration’ to import your character.


No but a lower playerbase = harder time finding a group to play with.

If the game starts off with a smaller playerbase less people are gonna buy it in the future, it’ll die quicker and the devs/publishers are less likely to do another PC port

It was also a buggy early access mess on steam. It’s still buggy but now they’re saying it’s fully released


While I fully agree that PubG on PC and XBone is a total mess and I completely fault the devs for squirreling a LOT of their money to who knows whose pockets, this is why a good time period between a console made game to PC and vice versa is important. I don’t want another Arkham Knight or any other shoddy PC port. I know the waiting sucks and I won’t convince you but this is the first Monster Hunter for PC and I know a LOT of my friends are excited for it and I don’t think it’ll have such low numbers and be dead on arrival at the start. It’s too well known of a franchise to have them blindly throwing this out there when the could have easily kept it on console only. They believe it will do fine and so do I.


Time isn’t gonna fix pubg it’s gonna end up like dayz a buggy mess that the devs slowly abandon.

Me neither but I don’t believe that they actually need 8-11 months to do a PC port unless it is a complete afterthought. Since it appears to be an afterthought then my expectations for a quality PC port are not good to say the least.


I never said anything to the contrary. I’ve never believed PubG was in a ‘good’ state. I’m just saying that people still buy cross PC and Console even after significant delays between the 2.

No, this is a good thing. It means that they DO want to release something good. If they didn’t, they would just rush it and ship it out in a month or two.


No it’s a sign that PC is an afterthought to them. A delayed release is a good thing an 8+ month delayed release is a sign that that platform is an afterthought

All I’m seeing is the fact that PC is not important enough to put any work into it prior to releasing for console.


Well if thats how you feel thats how you feel and I can’t discuss otherwise. To me, a longer delay IS a good sign regardless if you believe it or not. An afterthought would be to release them all shortly after when they’ve never done PC games with this franchise before.


And with only 21 days before the game drops we get what is likely to be the last trailer before the game’s release trailer. The Elder Dragons trailer. And I have to say. They look so beautiful!

Unfortunately it seems like devil pickle won’t be in the base game, but will be a free update a few months later. Which confirms the inclusion of new/returning monsters as future free updates beyond any reasonable shadow of a doubt.

EDIT: There’s also been confirmation of a third beta just before the game’s launch.


Damn it you beat me to it!