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Open Beta on PS4 starting tomorrow.


Is that typical for a MH game? I mean, I kinda want as many popular ones as possible from the franchise, being my first real hunt…so I’m hoping for classics like Zinogre and such. Honestly I have no clue how many monsters are in this universe but after playing MH: Stories…I kinda want a nice helping of those.


This will be my first MH game, so I’m not sure. Oh, and I guess there are 21 confirmed “large” monsters so far, but that’s ones we have actually seen in videos and teasers.

Of those, I think… 5 are from previous games? Rathalos, Rathian, Diablos, Lavasioth, and Uraagon.


Around 35 large monsters.


Well if the leak list is anything to go by we’re looking at around 40 or so large monsters on release with more to come later. Obviously, it’s best to take the list with a grain of salt but both Lavasioth and Uragaan were on there and both got revealed in the trailer that played during PSX, so it seems accurate so far.

I will post a link to the leak list if people want it, but for the time being I’m going to refrain, since it would technically count as spoilers.


Send me a PM with it please. :slight_smile:

Monster Hunter Stories has more than 75 monsters (counting a few color variants). Most of those are rideable as well as fightable, but that doesn’t count the lesser ones you can only fight like a gargwa, the various bugs, barrel cats etc. It honestly has a LOT of monsters in there.

I haven’t even fought them all yet…still looking for the Teostra in the Labyrinth…and soon that one should become a rideable as well.


Just for funzies…one of my favorite kinship attacks in MH:Stories…featuring the Deviljho mount:

You only need to see the first clip. In MH:Stories you can hatch monsters to ride, then alter their genes to take on an element you want, which changes the color scheme of their kinship attack (and sometimes the color of the monster) which is used in battle.

With the Seregios and some others, you can really tell when it gives the final blow, the element of the monster you crafted:

@GoGoGoliath The Apceros does something like a Gamera attack, LOL:

(Sidenote…totally need to make a water-element Aptonoth and name it Gamera now…)


Gawd, I’ve still not got myself a copy of Stories. Look forward to grabbing myself one soon.


Oh man, this is a MUST BUY. There is so much game in it!


Can you post it? Also I’m hoping my boi Gore makes it in. He’s the monster that even got me into MH so I always feel like he needs to be in the game lol. Also I’m hoping we get some huge monsters to hunt other than the big boi in the trailers.


Beta play live:


Well, there is Zorah Magdaros, which is apparently thought to be an island when it is first encountered in game.


Pretty sure they’re the same thing. The large monster shown in most trailers.


Serious question…am I the only one that thinks the Khezu looks like a penis?


You’re not the only one. I hate that monster as well as it’s just boring to fight.


It was one of my first primary mounts in MH:Stories since I found a Red Khezu kinda early on luck, and fought with it a lot since it had higher stats than my others for a while…but riding on it and seeing it sniff around…basically any time it had it’s maw closed…I felt kinda…awkward about it.


Oh, and Barroth, duh. Which did none of the vets correct me on this? lol


25 days left, gais!

I was also apparently using the bow wrong in the beta by using it as I would have in 4U/Gen. I’ve learned that the slide you can do plays a pretty big part in your charge lv./damage output along with optimal distance, weak points and coatings. The more you know.


PC release window: Aug-Nov 2018 !! :weary:

Guess I’ll be double dipping…buying for XBone, then PC.


Huh, that’s a fair bit later than I would have expected it to be. Capcom’s usually pretty good with their PC releases so this window seems a tad odd.

I imagine there must be a good reason for it.