Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


That is not mentioned, no. But I would assume they would do different missions or something. Though this one is apparently going to be available to those WITHOUT PS+ as well, with the goal of stress testing servers, so I don’t know.


When is it for?


December 22nd to the 26th.


Hunt Showdown might be out for play, but if not I’ll be sure to play more of this then :slight_smile:


Literally just found out about this.
Capcom. You’re doing good work.

EDIT: I also strongly approve of their DLC plan for MHW.


Yeah as long as they keep it cosmetics it’ll be fine


Just now looking into the game.
What’s a good video that explains what this game is going to have and what make it good? Also what platforms is this on?


PS4, XBone and PC.

As for good videos I’d suggest the youtubers Arekkz Gaming and Gaijin Hunter, they both cover the game very in depth.


To clarify further, PS4 and Xbone are releasing Jan 26th. PC at a later date, as of yet unannounced.


Derp, I completely forgot about that.



Console master race?


Just glorified guinea pigs :smiley:


Scoffs Multiplatform master race, Sir!


No. There is nothing inherently wrong with having 3 different platforms that function and behave differently.


That’s basically what I was saying. >.>
When I say multiplatform master race I’m referring to people who have more than one platform to play on.


Oh ah :slight_smile:


How many monsters will this game feature? Anyone know?


There are 17 or so already confirmed. I don’t know if there will be more or not.


How would i get into a beta or alpha of this?