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I believe everyone does it individually. Plus, if I ‘scalp’ a monster/tail, it might not generate the same drops/loot as someone else.


Yup, if you get a tail-cut or a part-break everyone gets the carve/reward for it.

On a related note, I’ve not long discovered that bows can now cut tails.


I found this video very amusing!

I love when he eats with his new pet, Jub Jub.

Meanwhile, in Monster Hunter: Stories, I accidentally changed the color of my Sand Barioth during gene channeling, and I had farmed to get a Sand Barioth egg specifically for those colors! GRRR! I can’t change it back now.


I’m doing some last minute streaming before the beta ends for a few hours. If you have any questions, want to see anything please let me know. I’ve taken down all the creatures in the game and even finished hunts with the rare creatures killed. If you want to see any weapons or hunts or anything, please come by :slight_smile:


Huh, I had no idea you could get Pukei-Pukei to spawn. Interesting.

Managed to kill myself a Diablos, who is harder than I remember him being in previous games. The quake when he burrows caught me off guard a couple of times. But I managed it. Took a while, though, 'cuz bow.


Whoa, I can click to watch live on the forum without directly going to Twitch. Mind blown! Oh, but then I can’t comment in Maddie’s chat…sadness.


Which monster is this I’ve forgotten lol


This one.
Pukei Pukei


Oh cool I forgot he existed lol


You know, I don’t remember ever struggling with Diablos this much in past games. Also, bows can now apparently cut tails.


Welp, we’ve now got confirmation that new monsters will be added to the game as free DLC on top of other things.


I’m kinda hoping new maps will be like 5-15 pending on size. (And also how many are in the base game of course)


A part of me thinks that of we do get new maps as paid DLC then those will most likely come with at least some new monsters as well.


Possibly. Or maybe new maps and monsters are free but hunts cost more?


So two things from that short video. They said PC will get it shortly after consoles, that makes me pretty happy. I don’t want a lame port :slight_smile:

They also mentioned mega man would make an appearance… I’d love to see a ‘mechanical’ large monster to fight :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah but just how “shortly after” are we talking…I really hope to know sooner rather than later. If they say nothing before the game releases to consoles I might have to think they are waiting for folks double-dipping.


Nah, I think it’ll prally be soon as in 1-3 months. It’s their first PC venture for Monster Hunter really so I think they are going to try and do it right.


Yeah, Capcom’s been pretty good overall with their PC releases lately. I can’t see you PC guys waiting overly long to get your hands on this.


Another Beta next week, still only on PS4 however. Gah.


I’m wondering if there will be any balance/map/hunt changes. (Can’t watch video so if it’s mentioned I apologize)