Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


Okay, as I said I would do here are the three completed hunts available in the beta. A word of warning, I fuck up a fair bit here whilst trying to get used to the controls and frequently mismanage my stamina due to not being used to the HUD. XD

Times for the Barroth and Anjanath hunts are in the video’s description.


I’m sitting over here without a PS4, so what are everyone’s thoughts on the beta?


It’s definitely Monster Hunter, but better. The gameplay is smooth, the performance is good and the game looks pretty damn good. And that’s coming from someone playing on a standard PS4.

My only real gripe is how easy the beta is overall. But I think that’s because the difficulty has not only been dialled back, but is also due to the fact that we have max health and stamina in the beta.


I was told during a stream that the Monster health and damage were nerfed for the beta, yeah.


Yeah, I had a feeling that was the case. Still, no matter. The 26th cannot get hear soon enough.


Bruh, we(PC gamers without a console) don’t even have a release date yet. At least the game is coming out for you guys in forty-seven days.


The biggest thing I dislike is that if you are stunned there is only a visual icon that is quite small in the top left of the screen, and then your character. With all the other button prompts, hints and UI elements, I’m surprised that this mechanic is hidden. I would like at least a quick flash of yellow or something to know that I need to start hitting the left stick to break free quicker but I never know until it’s too late.

Overall the weapons feel good. The heavier weapons don’t feel nearly as clumsy though I feel the damage of the Greatsword was pretty lackluster compared to others I’ve used.

My son played and was able to kill the first guy fairly easy, haven’t had him try the other 2 yet. I like it. I’m just waiting for PC release.

I wish there was some crafting element even if it was set things before a mission. (The in game stuff isn’t enough to really augment armor/weapons and is generally there for stock items and ammo upgrades/increase)


Ah, yes, this is actually another small gripe of mine. The visual cues for certain things are way too subtle now. From the stun ailment that you noted, to the indicator for the bow’s arch-shot, I think they need to be made just a little bit more obvious.


I’ve never heard of that franchise before and I’m quite confused still tbh

from the beta footage you posted I was very confused watching some snippets. The encounter felt extremely dragged and not that much interactive. Just keeping the distance and spamming low damage arrows.

What’s the hype about this game? Not asking ironically, just curious about what aspects are people looking forward the most


I would suggest looking at more than just my footage. The bow is my main weapon of choice (I just like the way it feels) but there are another 13 weapons to play, each with plenty of variety to them. It’s not a game for everyone, mind. So if it doesn’t appeal to you then it just doesn’t appeal to you.

I would suggest looking up Arekkz Gaming on youtube, he has a whole load of videos showcasing the weapons, and some in-progress hunts, etc.

I’m going to be recording a bit more pretty soon and actually trying to make greater use of some of the newer bow mechanics (Such as the dodge-charge, and better use of the slow firing, high-damage piercing rocket-propelled arrow) since in the video I’ve already posted I’m playing almost identically to the way I’d be playing the bow in the older games, which I already know doesn’t do enough justice to the new stuff.

I will also remind you that I did screw up a fair bit in my videos, so that probably doesn’t help. XD


Oh don’t worry dude. Nyasha just likes using the bow aka one of the most boring weapons as you have to stay at a range and fire. If I had a PS4 I would definitely be streaming some Charge Blade and Insect Glaive. The ranged weapons always look boring when watching it but the melee always looks fun imo. Plus the monsters in the demo are always dumb so there’s that.


Hardly my fault that the real skill in using the bow is hidden in its mechanics. XD


Here’s a video by one of my favorite MH YouTubers these guys usually always make the games look fun for me at least.


It’s not my fault that using the bow is just running away from the monster and firing at it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be putting up some videos later on but I have taken down all the creatures in the beta, I got a Rath and the Great Jagros killed in the same session even though I was terrible and fainted twice. I also have my son using a few weapons on the Great Jagros hunt. He really likes the Katana, Dual Blades and Lance surprisingly.




Eh, it’s a Katana to me, not a longsword. Call it what you want, but if it looks like a fish, swims like a fish, it’s a fish :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m just calling it what the game calls it.


Fair enough. I still have never liked it being called “longsword” I swear it was like a bad translation from ages ago and they just stuck with it.


When the monster drops its tail or goes down and you harvest it…does everyone get to harvest it that hunted it? Do they all get the same drop?