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I don’t know if I learned to love the Evolve IOS ap game for this reason (for those who remember farming the bones! Brutality!)…hmm. Nah, I don’t plan to play too seriously…just going to start off as a filthy casual. Actually in MHS I’m debating stopping playing because I just can’t farm the exp. enough to take on some of the hefty post-game monsters. Somebody just informed me I should have been paying the “prayer pot” in the game to have exp percentage increased at all times…oh well. Do they have that in MHW too? People must play this day in and day out to get their characters leveled up…I only have a couple hours at a time. But, I already beat the game so…I figure meh, I could stop. Unsure how MHW will be since there aren’t monsties you catch, ride, and level but I do know I’d like to be crafting good armor and weapons.


Nah. Monster Hunter isn’t about character level, but rather equipment level, which you just have to farm items for, which can be done at your own pace, no need to sit and grind for hours on end just to keep up with everyone if you don’t feel up to it.


Hey if you play MHW on xbone I’ll show you them ropes!


Gasp! How dare you speak of my secret name on such public forums!


The Beta is now available to pre-load for PS+ members.


Damn it you PS4 players better appreciate this demo! I can’t even play it ;-;


Hey, we don’t even get to play until tomorrow. XD
Still, I’m gonna be uploading vids, and I’m pretty sure Cow said he was going to be streaming. So it’s not like you’re going to be missing out completely… you just won’t be able to play.


It will be interesting to watch. Unfortunately I’ll be out tomorrow night when folks will be streaming but I plan to play catch-up. I hope I can learn how to play the game before I play the game.

Question…should I wait for PC release and play it on my Predator Helios 300 laptop…or play it on the XBox One S? I get both for Christmas and don’t want to buy twice. I only plan to sink the hours into one version of the game.


Warning: This is Jim Sterling, so foul language guys…but he makes a point.

Personally I’m shocked how much free DLC they put out just for MH:Stories on the 3DS…every week they give you something new for free.


Yeah, but in general I can’t see Capcom ever doing anything with loot boxes considering the games they make. Sure, they kind of did something similar to loot boxes in Dragon’s Dogma(nothing too terrible), but nothing else from what I’ve seen.


I think they are still trying to recover PR wise from their locked content on the disc when a game released as DLC. They haven’t been super egregious since then.

Personally, I want to get it on PC which means I know I’ll have to wait a while, but I’m more comfortable on PC anyway and it’s easier to stream etc… :slight_smile: After my son plays this weekend on PS4 he might be upset at me since we have to wait. But it also means that eventually he and I can play together with the 2 PCs we have.


I presume, based on early specs, that the game is going to be a massive resource hog. That is one other thing that is giving me a hard time choosing for PC. I look forward to watching your streams though I might not be able to live.


Not necessarily. I mean, the PS4 and XBone can run it and they aren’t super advanced compared to PC tech now a days.


As I predicted, we got a new trailer at PSX so here we go, gais! Looks like Lavasioth and Uragaan both make a return.


Nooooooo not Lavasioth!

Looks like they’re trying to push an actual story this time. While the last games had a lackluster story I personally still enjoyed them so I should enjoy this one too.




I see your LeviOsa and raise you.


Already seen that one :stuck_out_tongue:


And the beta is live!


Maddcow is streaming on Twitch! maddcowqq (remove space when you copy/paste)

Maybe some of you can join up in a hunt or something…I need to learn more about Monster Hunter so I plan to watch as much as I can.