Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


Hes already sold on this game. I’ve been showing him some demo clips and he keeps asking me to play the game where you hunt monsters by finding footprints :stuck_out_tongue: Hes too smart.


It’s too bad he can’t be 4 forever. I could have a great sub channel called, “What does a 4 year old think of your game” :stuck_out_tongue:


Can 2 people play MH locally with two controllers on XBox One?


I fully imagine that it’ll probably be unlockable at some point during the game, I can’t see them denying people who didn’t get a chance to play the demo something.

As for me I’ll be recording and uploading some videos myself. Likely have a vid of each hunt of nothing but pure gameplay, and then a vid or two where I don’t bother doing the quests and instead explore the maps/show off the other roaming monsters whilst I have a bit of a ramble over the gameplay.


Same. I think I’ll stream while going through and seeing what I can break, because aparently I’m good at that. Then once I have decent gearage, let me son go play with the ‘smaller’ guys :slight_smile:


Well, if this demo is anything like previous demos in the series you’ll likely be stuck with the gear you’re given. (just able to switch between it without having to quit the quest you’re doing) but, judging by the footage of it so far Great Jagras seems like he’ll be an easy enough monster for anyone, so I don’t think yah boi will have too much trouble with that. xP

Though, depending on how things go with my weekend (since my weekends tend to be pretty hectic) I may look around here for some co-op hunts, because forget trying to play this game with randoms.


Possibly. I know that a few people said that they were able to craft in demos that were setup for big youtubers/streamers so it could be in and to be honest I would be surprised if there wasn’t at least 1 crafting set somewhere in there :slight_smile: That being said, I’m open for some cooping as well. Not sure what weapons to take. I might just have chat pick which means the usually awkward ones or insect glaive likely.


Insect Glaive is looking pretty good. Well, IMO, there isn’t a single weapon that doesn’t look good. xD
Though, I’ll be sticking with my main jam the Hunting Bow.


Ya the glaive seems cool. Though, the damage numbers on the Heavy Bow is… pretty juicy.


MH is not a split screen game, sorry sledge.


HBG has always had pretty sexy damage, I believe. It was never a weapon I could get on with, though. (He says when he was at one point pretty good with both Lance weapon types.)


True, but it seems a bit more… useful and not stuck in REALLY slow animations. Also, it doesn’t take 5 years to pull it out helps to.


This is true, and you’re no longer stuck in place to fire all ammo types, which is certainly a nice little buff.


Look at these MH nerds :stuck_out_tongue:



gasp Meowixmum! How dare you speak as if you’re not one of us!


This will be my first REAL Monster Hunter game…since I still haven’t tried MH:Generations on the 3DS, favoring M:Stories due to the nature of it looking more easier for me to get in to. However, that said I do love this little game…but the grind is real.


Just wait until you get to the higher ranks and want a piece of armour or a weapon that requires multiple items that have a >1% drop rate. You will know pain!
(Especially when you’re farming quests with other people and they all get what you’re after whilst you don’t)


Do I want this in my life?


Trust me. You’ll learn to love it.