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Instantly triggered cause I own an xbox


click noice. Looks like I’ll be able to mess around, and get used to the game a little bit before launch.


Welp, here’s a massive amount of info regarding the game which all sounds pretty good.


Here’s a video actually showcasing The Rotten Vale and some of the monsters in it. The commentary is in Italian so I don’t understand a word they’re saying, but at least there’s some footage of the new area running in-game.

Radobaan is blatantly Uragaan.


Aaaaand preordered myself the collector’s edition and have booked the release day off of work, so woots!


I wish there was a beta for Xbox…


Same here. Tbh I feel that PS4 is getting way to many exclusive things, from destiny stuff to COD releasing their stuff early on ps4 (If they still do that)


Part of me wants to say that the effect of the XBone’s reveal is still having a pretty negative effect on it. No matter how many strides MS has made towards fixing them I think the damage has been done for the Xbone’s lifecycle.


There are too few games releasing for it too.


Well to be fair, the amount of sales is HUGELY in the Playstation 4 vs. Xbone and as such if you were going to make an exclusive, unless you were partial to MS for whatever reason, chances are you sell more units with the PS4.


Indeed, hence the part of me that wants to say the reveal is still negatively affecting the Xbone. xP


Obligatory reminder to PS+ members that the demo will be dropping in 2 days and will be available for pre-load at some point tomorrow. Playing the demo will get you an exclusive face-paint pattern for the character creation whilst beating each of the three quests available to you will get you some useful consumables when the full game releases.

I’d also wager that we’ll be getting another reveal on the 9th during the PSX.

Now, here’s a whole bunch of “dafuq am I watching?” that’s related to MHW!


I’m hoping that those who played the demo can get the face paint on other systems outside of the Playstation. That being said my son and I are looking forward to it. Going to stream it this weekend and see if my son is as good at this as Evolve.


God damn it! Why does PS4 always get the good stuff ;-;


Because Playstation > XBox :stuck_out_tongue: Though to be fair, I’m a PC person and I’m sad we don’t get one either, but I can understand that as they aren’t releasing PC until later. So maybe they’ll have one then.


Insert big console war here


Don’t be Jelly :slight_smile:


Haven’t posted here before, but these were revealed today and thought that someone here might enjoy them.

These were revealed a while ago for the MvC line. They’re already out in stores.


Is it just me or does the bottom one look like Black Panther with a cape :stuck_out_tongue:


Get your son of of those cheap $80 2DS wedges and Monster Hunter Stories. I bet he’d like that since he gets to ride a monster while killing monsters.