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Given the popularity of Bubbles I think he has a real chance of being a returning monster, so we can only hope.

Flagship monster’s name is Nergigante (pretty sure I’ve spelled that right) and he’s looking pretty boss.


How awesome would it be if they gave one of the evolve monsters a camio


Honestly while I would like that Capcom wouldn’t do it. It wouldn’t make sense to have evolve monsters in the monster hunter universe since everything is all more old fashion. I think the more futuristic stuff in MH is the GS (How the hell can any normal person hold that?!) and the gun type weapons (Gunlance and others)


And at day 1 of TGS we have a nice little bit of new info. It’s all pretty much in breakdown format, but it does contain some pretty nice info.


loldoublepost! Anywho, here’s the full video that was broken down by Arekkz in my last post. With some nice, helpful English commentators.
EDIT: Fair warning here, the game’s opening is shown.


Okay, here was the next stage show for MHW. Once again this shows the opening section of the game, but at the same time gives us a much better look at the character creator (which looks really good, btw) and gives us a nice showcase of Nergigante. I’ve set the video to start when the gameplay does, as it’s all in Japanese, as I have no idea who here actually understands the language. (not been able to find a vid with English commentary yet)
Gameplay for this show ends at around the 42:30 odd mark.


Here’s the next stage show for everyone, not as much gameplay here as in the previous, but we get a bit of a look at the hub town and its content, as well as a bit of a look at the new area and three of the monsters that were revealed in the latest trailer. The little bit of gameplay here is broken up quite a bit, so I’m just going to suggest using the video tracking bar to find the gameplay.


Okay, and here’s what I think is the last little bit of MHW stuff from TGS. I’m not sure how much here is actually new, but I think we at least get a brief look at the settings options and at some gathered outside of the standard plants.


And here we go gais, a PGW trailer!


Just give me back my Royal Ludroth and I’ll be pleased :two_hearts:




Royal Ludroth is the goat


Who else reckons the brief tease at the end of the trailer was Narkakos?


What’s Narkakos?


The final online boss in cross/gen


One of the bosses in MHGen, I also spelled it wrong, it’s Nakarkos.


It’s possible but I don’t think it is, he wasn’t really a fan favorite nor was he all that fun to fight


I’m hyped for the ps4 beta


There a beta on PS4?


Yep on the 9th for PS Plus subscribers
We also get a horizon zero dawn skin, what was her name alloy I think