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Yeah the demo’s out now though they didn’t translate the taking only the text I’ve sunken four hours into it so far


And a new MHW trailer has dropped! We get a glimpse of a few returning monsters as well as a few new ones.

And here’s a breakdown of the trailer.

I am excite.


Oh gawd it looks so good! You really need to get an Xbone so we can play together.


They released this about an hour ago


Video starts "Hello again, Greenhorn!"
Me: “Bitch please.”

EDIT: Still waiting on a solid release date so that I can book that week off of work.


Alright, normally I wouldn’t doublepost, but here’s a breakdown video of the Hunting 101 video from earlier which points out some nice details that I didn’t notice when I watched the video myself.


And with Gamescom comes more gameplay! Got some gameplay in The Wildspire Wastes this time. There are some youtubers getting some videos with the game and breaking down the weapons, as well. But for the time being I’ll just be posting this video.


I’m really looking forward to this so far. I’m kinda glad I dumped the Founders Edition of Dauntless. It wasn’t that Dauntless was bad, it was a decent game for those wanting an online MH experience, but boy did the timing of these trailers cause tons of doubt.


You and me both.

Though, I personally can’t help but see the shortcomings of Dauntless every time I watch a video of the game. Like you said, it doesn’t look like a bad game, it’s just not Monster Hunter.

Then again, the team working on MHW is pretty much the series A-Team, so I imagine that there’s quite a big experience gap between the teams there.


Ya. Before I heard about MHW I was really invested with Dauntless, but after I saw the trailer I tried playing Dauntless again (I was playing in the alphas and working with their QA team) and I just felt lackluster. Good for what it was, but it’s like seeing someone make a knockoff starcraft 2 before Blizzard released a Starcraft 2 trailer.


And if anyone else is interested youtuber Arekkz has spent his time at Gamescom capturing MHW footage and giving in-depth breakdowns of each weapon. He hasn’t done a video for each weapon yet, given the fact he needs time to edit them, etc, but each video offers a nice explanation of each weapon and a nice glimpse of them in action.


Super excited for him to show off the IG and I’m even more excited for the game hopefully we get a demo maybe next year before the game comes out it is a trend they’ve started after all.


Some interesting little pieces of info here, fair warning, the sound quality isn’t as good as in the guy’s other videos. He’s also god the Insect Glaive video up.


Just finished watching that will have to watch the insect glaive video later


A little bit more info for people. The director has confirmed that during TGS they will be revealing new info for MHW every day (Sept 21st through to Sept 24th) and are saying that they’re going to be teasing a new flagship monster. Which means that Anjanath isn’t the flagship for MHW.


Here’s a pretty decent Rathalos showcase/fight.


We’ve got a release date, guys! Git hype!

A tad disappointed with the lack of returning monsters in this trailer, but things are looking awesome reagrdless.


I have a few theory’s I’ll post later about the new flagship


I’m also calling it now, giant floof monster shall be named Fluffy! And he shall be the companion to Bubbles!
(at least he shall be in my heart)


We need a Fluffy and Bubble tag team now.

I have a few theory’s one including that the flagship monster could be like Atoral Ka except with rocks. The flagship monster can control rocks surrounding it to form a armor like coating (think Rajang but instead of just it’s arms it can be any body part) then after chasing it throughout the story you royally piss it off and it forms its big armor thing.

Another one is that both monsters are related. Think the Seltas’s but probably not as rood as that queen is. Maybe they share some kind of bond and when you kill the first the other comes out like “My brother what have you done?!”

I dunno is just a theory, a GAME THEORY THANK’S FOR READING