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I heard wyvern fire so it may be that while hunter styles may not return hunter sets will


Wyvern-fire was a Gunlance specific moveand has been since MH2.


The Game Idea I had is apparently already is development


But there was no gunlance in there and I remember a bowgun art of that name


Well, the commentator did also do a brief showcase of the ability to change weapons mid-hunt. Perhaps another one of the players switched weapons and the commentator just didn’t comment on it? Then again it is also entirely possible that, given the fact they have more to work with now, that certain hunter arts could very well be making a return as new weapon attacks.


So gais, here’s the official Japanese gameplay reveal! Now, for reasons of video quality I decided to link the stream straight from the official source. But there is at least one youtuber that has cut all the fluff from the video and is just showing the gameplay.

Official Stream: (Actual gameplay itself starts at about the 46:40 mark)

Video with all the fluff cut out:

EDIT: Being able to see the game in motion clearly was byotiful.


Here’s just a little bit more info taken from an interview along with a bit of a breakdown of the map and camp systems as seen in the last livestream.


So, currently soloing my way through the HR4 key quests, and am doing the Birds of a Feather quest. Just got 2 Gypceros Heads from a single Gypceros.

Logic is what?

EDIT: Gotta say that I hope Bullfango return in MHW so that we can FINALLY see them attack the massive fucking predators they’re faced with as opposed to solely focusing us hunters.


Carves Gysperos head off of it pretending to be dead



You know, it’s nice to see that they can still make Plessy one of the most infuriating monsters in the game even without the broken hitboxes. ¬_¬


Here’s a new gameplay demo. More of the same, but it showcases the monsters a little bit more along with the ability to change equipment mid-quest.

EDIT: And here’s a bit of a more in-depth look at what we saw of the armour/weapons in the base camp.


MHW had a brief panel at SDCC, there weren’t any major reveals, or anything, but we had some nice little tidbits of information regarding the development process, a few small showcase clips of the Great Jargras and Anjanath, along with some brief showcases for weapons that we haven’t seen in action yet. The video quality isn’t the best, but it’s at least watchable.

The last 7 minutes or so is basically just some trivia questions at the end of the panel.


So, coming a fair bit faster than I antcipated it to here’s the trailer giving a small showcase of each of the weapons that will be appearing in MHW. Pretty much everything is looking awesome so far and I can’t wait to see more. I’m hoping we’ll see some more monster showcasing next. Perhaps even a new area.

Also, is it me, or have they changed the appearance of The Great Jagras just slightly? I mean, did it always have that pattern on its back?


Insect glaive looks super fun!


ಠ^ಠ fixed your glasses for you


All of the weapons look awesome in their own way, now. Insect Glaive is basically DMC1 level acrobatics, and my own main, dat hunting bow now lets me do a whole lot of Green Arrow stuff. I am excite.


Yes as a person who joined in at MH4u and loving the insect glaive as it was a more unique and interesting weapon I feel happy to see it’s full beauty unleashed


Okay, here’s another gameplay demo, this time from some kind of demonstration in Hong Kong. It’s the same demo we’ve seen multiple times before, however, the hunt plays out a little bit differently. They also switch out weapons and armour multiple times during this demonstration.


Anyone has heard of Monster Hunter Stories?

It’s a spin-off set in the world of Monster Hunter. While it’s in the world of Monster Hunter, you don’t play a “Hunter” but instead a “Rider”. The gameplay allows the player to hatch monster eggs, pet the monsters, ride them and use them in combat.
And to be honest, when I had my first MH (Monster Hunter Tri on Wii) I dreamed of beeing able to see a MH that had this kind of gameplay. And now this dream became true!