Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


I don’t think I’m going to do it tonight, I have something that came up.


That’s fine :slight_smile:


Monster hunter double cross is finally confirmed for the switch after speculation

Unfortunately we have no conformation about double cross coming to the west yet :frowning:
But this is really exciting news as I know many wanted a monster hunter for the home console since 3U was the last one we had so now we will if it ever comes here to the west!


I can only hope that, if Double Cross does come to the west, we get both the 3DS version and the Switch version. Since I’m in no hurry to buy a Switch, nor do I really want to start all over again.


Maybe we’ll be able to transfer our progress over onto the switch


shrugs as long as I can get the game for my 3DS and not be forced to buy a new console I’m not bothered.


It’s finally happening Nintendo has seemingly let go of monster hunter and now they’re making one for the Pc Xbone and PS4!!! Get hyped hunters!!


I can’t wait to see which classic monsters will return alongside the Raths and all the new monsters they’re likely to make.


I am hoping maybe they can make it cross platform


I’m hoping it still somewhat retains the original gameplay of monster hunter. It looks good so far though!


It looks like it maintains everything that makes Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter with a few expanded elements. I’m looking forward to seeing more.


I’m just hoping it’s better than Dauntless. Dauntless has a lot of work that needs to be done with it, but the combat and core stuff is good.


If it’s a monster hunter game then it’s a good game. There has never been a monster hunter game that wasn’t fun to play


I’m super excited to see the flagship monster and I hope monsters like Gore will return


Well, from the trailer it certainly looks as though many of the core elements are intact along with some additions (minus the swimming, I disliked that in MH3U, so I hope it doesn’t suck in World) It seems as though the Seeker’s rope from Dragon’s Dogma Online is making some kind of appearance in MHW, whether that’s going to be a style similar to the styles we saw in MHG remains to be seen. But I have faith in what I’ve seen so far.


Here’s the extended gameplay footage from the trailer.


I’m glad they added more stealth that makes the game much more like an actual hunting game.


A bit of info on the game here along with a few extra clips of gameplay.
Summary: All weapons are in, the grappling-hook-like thing will feature as a means of traversal and be able to pick things up and pull things down, hub areas are returning, friends can be invited into quests in-progress by use of an SOS flare.


So that hunter was friends with a rathalos?



The hunter didn’t fire that flare until after the Rathalos attacked!