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Quickly everyone we need to make a new hastag!

Also has anyone other than Nasha seen the new final boss for the online story? I want to fight him so bad!


I think we all need to pray for a ps4 monster hunter game. Monster hunter online already proved that monster hunter can have good graphics while still having lots of content and just imagine a full on open world monster hunter with no sections but instead just free flowing maps. It would be game of the year material for sure.


There won’t a MH ps4 game Nintendo owns the license if I am correct


More like than as not there will be one for the switch though.

another reason to get one


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There won’t a MH ps4 game Nintendo owns the license if I am correct
[/quote]I don’t believe that’s the case. After all, Monster Hunter Online exists on the PS4/XBone, and then there’s the fact that MHP3rd(HD) also exists, and those were made during Capcom’s move to Nintendo consoles. Capcom willingly moved over after an alleged little spat with Sony regarding MHP3rdHD where they expected Sony to do part of their job for them.

I’m not sure if that holds any more truth to it than Nintendo owning the license, but hey.


It doesn’t I just looked you got my hopes up :sob:



#Okay so Max is going full rant for this shit so be prepared.

This is just great we have the guy behind Resident Evil behind our beloved game to movie. This is horrible reident evil was horrible in my opinion and I saw it with my dad. I normal don’t ever look at the ratings and until I see the movie but I usually disagree with the reviews. I hated resident evil it sucked a lot the cgi was bad I barely understood what was going on and I was bored almost the whole movie.

Now lemme take a real fast quote

The logline: For every Monster, there is a Hero. An ordinary man in a dead end job discovers that he is actually the descendant of an ancient hero. He must travel to a mystical world to train to become a Monster Hunter, before the mythical creatures from that world destroy ours.

What the hell?! Monster hunter does not fit into our world at all like there is so many plots this guy could have gone with yet he did the horrible and cheesy invader plot?! He could have done the Shagaru problem from 4U or the invading species from Gen or even the Lagiacrus and Cedeus plot from 3U! But no he goes with the cheesy shit. My god I am trying to keep an open mind but I can’t. Okay okay there was a leaked clip let’s look at that it has to be good.

Heh it looks okay. Wait a second… Something looked wrong with gore and Rath

What the hell why does gore have eyes?! Gore is a blind monster who uses it’s scales to sense if I am correct. Gore doesn’t have eyes why the hell does he?!

(Offical artwork just zoomed in)
notice the lack of eyes CAUSE HE HAS NONE! This is horrible you can tell the creator didn’t even put in time to look at lore or even play the game! sigh Let’s look at rath

This is pissing me off more and more why the fuck does Rath taking the stance of tigerex?! While Rath looks nice that’s not how he stands

(From an ingame cutscene in MH3U)
Rath stands like this not like a tigerex!

(Official artwork of tigerex)
Ugh! This is making me so angry!
sigh I hope this movie at least looks good so I can see it for the monsters and not the plot… I know this movie is already going to tank in rating… My beloved monster hunter what have they done to you?


Vader NO


You know, if one good thing is going to come out of this movie it’ll be a new bad move to take the piss out of. Especially owing to the number of inaccuracies the monsters are looking to have.

Also, calling it now, Milla Jovovich will be playing the lead and will be as much of a Mary Sue as Alice is!


Forgot to ask @SledgePainter have you gotten gen yet?


I did in fact buy it but literally haven’t played it yet. I really, really need to!


We can play this weekend that’s when me and @Nasha842 are free all night


Don’t worry you won’t be the only noob either Nasha will be playing :smiley:


I’ll see what I can do but no promises…I’ve hardly had time to really utilize my 3DS for a while, have a lot on my plate, but I can try.


It’s not a problem if you can’t but I think it’ll be fun to show you the ropes


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Don’t worry you won’t be the only noob either Nasha will be playing :smiley:
I will cut you with my PS2!


So are ya free tomorrow @SledgePainter just let us know if ya are or aren’t we’re friendly :stuck_out_tongue:


Hrm there are no sharp edges…

Yeah it’s more a blunt weapon than a cutting weapon buddy try again


Are you kidding? My PS2 gained plenty of edge when I made the threat, it is now a weapon an Edgelord can be proud of!