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Demo doesn’t really give you an idea of the game other than some of the fighting mechanics


Also if you’re gonna be playing Monster hunter you might want a discord. It provides easier chat and voice chat as 3ds games usually don’t have voice chat


Just do be warned that the demo for MonHun doesn’t really give you the full experience of the game, just elements of the combat using some gear from the higher-end of the mid-game.


You got ninja’d by me :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha, so I did. xP


New Double Cross trailer, gais!

Uhh some of these new monsters/deviants look absolutely insane.


The monster near the end with the jetpowered like wings looks cool o-o


I’m pretty sure that’s the flagship monster of Double Cross. xP
What’s surprised me, actually, is that they’ve made the fight against Lao Shan look good. That I did not expect.


it’s pretty cool that they’re bringing back the Lao Shan


Indeed, it is. I always liked him and thought that it was such a shame that fighting him was never really any fun in previous games. But it looks like they’ve rectified that, which is always a plus.


Glad they gave the other three flagships some notice as it seems they have a deviant form now instead of just Glavenus


I am gonna bump this to ask our fellow monster hunters what would you think if it came to the switch would you play?

Do you want a monster hunter game for the switch? It is rumored and Capcom is on the list of developers.

  • Nah (Obviously the wrong choice)

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Oh, absolutely. I just hope it would control better than 3U did on the WiiU.




I’m sorry, it was a sudden burst of misdirected rage. I would love to play Monster Hunter…just not on the Switch. Sorry, I’m still really angry with Nintendo right now and I lashed out when I saw [quote=“Maximumlimit15, post:276, topic:85585”]
for the switch?

It was an instantaneous reflex of my finger saying NO to the SWITCH.


You dislike The Switch?


At the moment, yes. I was hyped for it, but Nintendo has burned me too many times recently and at the moment I don’t think they can pull off the Switch without there being problems with the device. I’m really salty about Nintendo right now. I love Nintendo, don’t get me wrong…love the games…but they can’t manage to make things work properly.


I have to say that I’m also pretty doubtful of Nintendo’s ability to actually pull The Switch off. I only need to look back at the Wii and Wii U (and in some cases, even the 3DS) to have my doubts.


I am afraid for them at the same time. If Nintendo does not pull off the Switch properly this may sink them.


It probably will sadly. I am really only buying the switch for 1 2 switch, splatoon 2, Mario, Xenoblade, and MH. I know it’ll be worth it cause Xenoblade is going to be a pretty long game as I got the first one last month and I’m still playing it and I know MH will last long also. 1 2 switch will be fun for parties, splatoon 2 will be for fun and mario will be for fun