Monster Hunter World - General Discussion


Oi ya home yet?


I am, my old mucker. Just gotta sort some stuff out then I’ll hop into the Discord chat.


Is that an old man saying?


Nah, just one of the many slang terms we have over here to mean “friend” xP


Oh I thought it was another word for fucker xD


Ha. Yeah, I suppose it could seem that way. But rhyming slang tends to be a little more subtle than that. XD



Pfft, that is brilliant.


I’ve never played monster hunter…debated getting it for the 3DS. Worth it to get Generations coming in brand new to the franchise?


Short answer: YES!

But remember, it is better with friends~


Personally, I’d say so. Generations in particular has a pretty gentle learning curve to it compared to earlier titles in the series so it’s a fair bit easier to get into the series now than it was.

(I’m looknig at you MH1/MHF1 where you basically said “Remember all those easy quests you’ve done up until this point? Well, here’s the Kut Ku. I know that you’re woefully underprepared to fight this thing, but have fun!” trollface.jpg)

Anywho! Yes, I’d say it’s well worth it, as we’re unlikely to get Double Cross until at least a year after Japan does, as has been said, it’s much better with a group, but the single-player content does help you get into the game overall in terms of not only your equipment, but learning monster behaviors, attack wind-ups, spacing, etc, etc.


Yes get it we can play together on weekends :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean on the 3DS? I have no idea how to do that. Always basically thought handhelds were single player only (remember I hail from Game Boy days, lol). So that means if I get a 3ds for my son too my son and I could play together in a game that allows for multiplayer?


Yeah I am playing with @Nasha842 on the weekends to get back to my old stuff since I didn’t know doing a system transfer would make me lose it all


I guess I have a lot to learn! I always wondered why people would buy something like Smash Bro. on the handhelds when they could only play VS AI. I guess then, they can play VS anybody over the internet?


Almost all 3ds games have internet. The only problem is Smash bros 3ds sucks cause lag


Ok, since I am new to all this…I have a Wii U but never did anything multiplayer except Splatoon. I am using that Wii U’s Nintendo Network ID on my 3DS. If I also buy a 3ds for my son, can he also use the same network ID or do I have to create a new one for him? And then how would I connect to you if we wanted to play? Do I need to friend you or something?


If you are going to get monster hunter I suggest you have a new 3ds or get something like this
The reason being that you have to be able to turn the camera you can do it with the bottom screen of the little d-pad to turn the camera but with all the action going on it can be annoying


If I am correct you can only have one NNI on one system so you will have to make a new one for your son


My ID is Squid Pig…obviously because Splatoon! and I love and own pigs.

I will see about grabbing Monster Hunter…I seem to have just missed a deal to get it for $20. Grr. I think I want to try the demo out first though.