Monster Hunter World - General Discussion

Here’s a short video listing some of the changes that are coming with Iceborne.

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God I wish there was an easier way to get dash juice.

I remember farming ludroths as I always had the best luck to get dash extract from them. Unfortunately they’re not in world.

I just can’t be bothered farming investigations or monsters for 12-16% chance of getting it.

For the hunts I actually need it on I’ll have to farm like 4+ dash extracts

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I do definitely think they should put a monster in that drops dash extract a little more frequently in Iceborne

I’m also expecting the return of Mega Dash Juice

Tbh I think dash extract should be like kelbi horns something you can get from small monsters.

I’d be fine with that too.

Here’s a small tutorial-esque video. Also a beta is dropping on PS4 for PS+ players on the 21st to the 23rd and then another dropping for all Playstation players on the 28th to the 30th.


No Xbox or PC beta…

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PC is getting a delayed release for iceborne lol. We’ll get the beta (if we get one at all) like a couple months after you guys get the DLC and we’ll get the DLC sometime in the winter.

I knew the release was delayed but you’d think they’d start releasing the betas for all platforms since the games already out now.

PC won’t be ready otherwise it’d release at the same time. Dunno why Xbox specifically has to wait.

Probably because the Xbox essentially uses a modified version of Windows 10, so they can’t port it like another console, and it’s still different from a PC.

And I think after the initial shitty PC release of MHW, people will understand that it takes a minute.

I understand that PC will continue to be treated like the red headed stepchild.

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Hey at least you guys get mods!


True. Less ugly handler mod and better visuals for parts is a god send.

Also Tempered Nergi feels ridiculously easy after soloing AT nergi.

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I mean, PC has some crazy improvements as well. For instance, the “take all” button on the mission reward screen. And the ability to change graphics settings so that your game doesnt drop frames with multiple monsters on screen, or a ton of particle effects.

Also yeah, mods. And, if I recall, the ability to play offline without data loss.

My least favourite part of MH is how much stuff is locked behind events

I do wish they handled events like the older games where when an event came out it never went away on a rotation.

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The Iceborne beta will have 3 hunts. Great Jagras, Banbaro and Tigrex. I believe completing each hunt once will get another commendation pack. I find it a bit odd they’re throwing a second Great Jagras hunt in this beta, I wonder if it’ll be a Master Rank hunt or if we’ll see Narga pop up during this hunt.