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Dohoho dis slaps me on de knee.

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I know I’m late but if you guys didn’t know a couple of days ago was MH’s 15th anniversary!

For the anniversary they released this high resolution picture of all the flag ships (Rathalos, Tigrex, Nargicuga, Kushala, Zinogre, Lagi, Brachy, Gore Magala, Seregios, Glavenus, Valstrax, and Nergigante) and the infamous Black Dragon himself Fatalis!

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Hey guys! For those on Xbox Monster Hunter World is now included in it! Go ahead and give it a try!

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And a new Iceborne trailer has dropped, includes gameplay! Git hype guys!
EDIT: Narga looks so good.


Don’t forget that Tigerex roar at the end!

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